Luis Javier Sanchez Journalist, expert in communication and institutional relations. One of the animators of this site, ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories” Our marketing strategy is focused on the innovation of our products towards a very specific audience” In a context as conservative as the world of insurance is, the appearance twelve months ago of Clickseguros as an insurer specialized in the automobile sector caused great expectation. For Erika Gómez, your marketing director this first year of life is more than positive.

“We have focused our marketing strategy on innovation, with highly personalized and tailored products, and on meeting the demands of our target audience.” Now, they have just presented Cambodia WhatsApp Number List national study on the Spanish Internet user. Eres Online 2008 reveals four types of profiles of Internet users and that 41% of Spanish Internet users consider that the Internet has changed their lives in the way of solving their personal issues. Could you give us an assessment of the first year of the launch of Clickseguros? The balance we make of this first year is very positive. We are very satisfied with the results we have obtained in these first twelve months of life, since they fundamentally endorse our commitment to the Internet, a channel through which more and more customers choose to buy products and contract services. We are going to continue betting on the enormous possibilities of the Internet, not only as a channel for contracting and managing your policies, but also as a channel for information and communication with our clients. The level of experience of Internet users in our country allows that, even in sectors as traditional as insurance, it is possible to succeed with companies whose business model is 100% online. What does an online insurance company bring to a client that a traditional one does not?

The main advantages that an online company provides are basically the flexibility, speed and comfort of being able to carry out any management related to the policy at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. And on the other hand, an important saving for the client in the final price of his policy, since it allows an optimization of costs that redounds to the client due to the self-made nature of the contracting and management of services. What is mk’s strategy to position Clickseguros in a sector as competitive as auto insurance? Clickseguros’ marketing strategy is based on two fundamental pillars: on the one hand, innovation and, on the other, the target audience towards which the company, its products and its services are directed. Innovation at Clickseguros encompasses a good number of aspects: the products themselves (with tailor-made insurance at the helm), services (contact center operating 24 hours a day / 365 days a year), usability (speed, simplicity, and comfort when browsing the web) . Clickseguros has a very specific target audience that is different from that of other companies with a more traditional character. It is a trained and informed target audience, which makes its own purchasing decisions, which compares before buying and chooses the option that best suits its financial needs and offers maximum quality and comfort.

How is it possible that a user can design his insurance to measure? In this sense, what benefits does your company offer in this regard? Clickseguros has designed a complete portfolio of products structured around two basic types: on the one hand, packaged insurance that respond to the traditional insurance offer, and on the other hand, our innovative Custom Insurance, designed specifically for online consumers. With packaged insurance, Clickseguros offers its clients the possibility of choosing between two modalities available for both third-party and full-risk products: Basic and Premium, whose fundamental difference is based on the level of coverage that the client wants and therefore, in the price of your policy. But the aspect that differentiates us from the competition is Custom Insurance, an avant-garde car insurance that, based on the mandatory coverage required by law for third-party insurance and the usual coverage in full-risk insurance, the client chooses the optional coverage that is adapted to their needs and in this way, designs your own insurance. At this time there is no insurance company in Spain that allows the client this level of personalization of their policy, since with Custom Insurance the client has up to 514 possible combinations. Thanks to the development of new technologies, the configuration of our Customized products, like the rest of the processes on our website, has been designed so that our clients can customize their own insurance in an agile, intuitive and very simple way. What is your opinion of fieldmarketing to personalize marketing towards the consumer? What mk actions does your company carry out in this regard?

Field marketing is a useful tool when it comes to building relationships with consumers. However, at Clickseguros our business strategy is based on advertising campaigns focused mainly on the Internet and, to a lesser extent, the press, radio or outdoors. On the other hand, our contact center is made up of a team of professionals oriented to offer a service of maximum quality in the assistance, information and attention to our clients and users. Therefore, their training is constant in all matters related to Clickseguros products, services and processes, in order to guarantee our clients the resolution of any questions or queries immediately and efficiently. One of the problems they have in e-business is fear of the security of these transactions, how has your entity solved this issue?At Clickseguros we offer innovative products and services of the highest quality at a very competitive price, facilitating processes for the user and guaranteeing the security and transparency of all operations. Whether the Internet user wants only to know the price of his insurance, or if he decides to register, contract a policy or carry out any management related to his insurance, the Clickseguros website follows strict security protocols in relation to the exchange and protection of data from the very moment of the beginning of the navigation. All these efforts to offer the highest quality in a secure and transparent environment help to increase the confidence in electronic commerce. You have just presented a study on the Internet user in Spain, what are the most outstanding conclusions?

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