Andrea Pallares placeholder imageI am an Off and Online Marketing Consultant specialized in SMEs for more than 15 years. I am passionate about helping …Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences There are many entrepreneurs who venture into starting their service company to become independent, the lack of job opportunities, professional competition and low salaries drive them to make their own way in the business world. And so they start their company with the spirit and enthusiasm of being their own boss for the first time. The reality that some of them encounter is strong to overcome, since, although specialists in their own work area, they face a lack of knowledge about administration, accounting, sales, marketing, etc. They try to overcome by themselves, since they do not have budgets to hire staff. And a spiral of problems begins that add up until they lose faith in their ability to get ahead.

This post is inspired by entrepreneurs Thailand Email List have approached me to ask for advice on what to do to grow, to avoid having to close or to prevent their dreams from being fulfilled by stronger companies with which they cannot compete. Of course, the tips that I leave below are from my area of ​​experience, which is marketing. I’ll be as simple as possible so as not to make this post endless or too theoretical, ok? Brand image The first thing you must understand is that even if you are your own company, you must have a “Brand” in the full extent of the word. You must be very clear about the following concepts: How do I want to position myself? What do I want people to say about me? What is the personality of my brand? What product or service do I offer? What differentiates me from the rest? Who is my market? Who do I want to sell to? Who can I sell to? Once this is clear, the next part is to make an attractive visual image! That’s right, you should also take care of that aspect: a logo, corporate colors, a good photo, stationery, etc. Look for a specialist !! It is worth investing a little in it as it will be your first impact. Well defined Product or Service Take time to develop your product or service well, define the benefits you offer to your customers, the advantages and characteristics of it. Define your processes and the methodology of your work. Study your direct competition (other entrepreneurs) and indirect (companies), investigate what they do, what they offer and how. This analysis will allow you to differentiate yourself from them, find strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Sale Material There is material that I consider essential for an entrepreneur to start his sales work: Business cards that are attractive and original. Presentation of “professional” services or products. You compete with different types of people, the one who impacts the most will win. Invest in a good presentation, forget about simple sheets in Word or Power Point. Make a brochure for your business, your brand. Website, domain and hosting service. One of the cheapest actions for independent entrepreneurs and with the highest visibility is a website. Invest in it professionally, don’t do it on free platforms. Flyer or Brochures of services and / or products. Original, that communicates benefits, visual and creative. You can print digitally as you need them. I consider that it is the minimum indispensable material that you should consider before starting your marketing strategies. recommendations You must understand that companies do business with “people”, that is, they hardly do business with people they do not know or do not recommend. This is the most important part to face by an entrepreneur, without connections, without public relations it will be a difficult task to sell.

Start by creating a list of all the people you know who can recommend you in their companies or with acquaintances who require your services or products. Think of friends, family, colleagues, former bosses, etc. They all count !! Ask them to introduce you, make appointments, or send you letters of recommendation. Public relations Sign up for Chambers or Business Associations depending on your type of market. You must seek to generate relationships in them, meet people, introduce yourself and offer your services. Take advantage of the breakfasts, trainings and meetings. Conferences Offer free talks in different forums that your market attends. Approach Universities, Associations and Chambers to offer lectures on topics in which you are an expert. This will help you meet more people and position yourself as an expert in that area of ​​knowledge. Interviews and Articles Offer interviews in mass media such as radio and television, get close to these media and promote your experience. Ask them to call you to help them with a program or event. You can also approach magazines or newspapers to offer to write notes or articles of interest to their readers about your work area.

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