Is the product that a company launches on the market with the minimum possible functions, with the intention of shortening development periods to reduce risks and with the objective of testing and quantitatively and qualitatively measuring its response. These products also allow us to obtain very important Austria WhatsApp Number List or purchase them. What is the mvp for? The main use of the mvp is to quickly test the response that the market has to a certain product or service, although it can be used by an entrepreneur for much more: do not produce products that customers will not later charge for. Don’t waste company resources and entrepreneurs’ energy to produce products that potential customers won’t buy.

It Provides Solid Bases to Climb

Positions in the market. Being able to test a product hypothesis with minimal resources accelerate learning introduce the product to “first followers” quickly. As a basis for other products to demonstrate the skills of a builder in a craft. Phases Austria WhatsApp Number List to develop the minimum viable product the phases to develop the minimum viable product are the following: identification of the ideal client identifying the ideal client is the first phase of the entire process. As in any marketing strategy , knowing the details of the potential client is vital to success. To define it correctly you must define all its features: age, sex, location, interests, economic level, etc.

Knowing This Data Will Help

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You, offer products and services more adapted to their interests and tastes. Study the market next, you have to know that the ideal client you have defined really exists. It is not enough to define it and have it in your imagination. Find out if that audience you are targeting is real by doing an in-depth market study! Identify Austria WhatsApp Number List or services, find out what their prices are, their sales channels , their value propositions… Use all this information to inspire yourself, improve yours or differentiate yourself from them! Build the mvp with the data obtained in the previous points, build the first version of the product you want to launch. Return to your customers the next phase involves returning customers. Once the product is built, ask them if they would buy it and for what price.

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