The outbreak of the coronavirus crisis has impacted many areas, including advertising. In the field of advertisements, in a generalized way, companies have reduced or paralyzed advertising investment, something that has put the media in a very difficult situation.The case is especially notable in television, which is accumulating maximum audience figures and yet it can do little to monetize them due to the context in which its programs operate. The confinement by covid-19 has seated citizens on their sofas, willing to consume content and access the media, but at the same time it has caused many companies to panic.

The advertising blackout has USA Phone Number List affected small brands but also giants. Coca Cola, for example, has announced that it is pausing its campaigns around the world, focusing on donations and other types of actions. On the list of brands with the highest ad spend, Coca Cola ranks highly, demonstrating the complicated reality that is emerging for the media these days.Other companies, however, have chosen to pause the campaigns they were using and to launch alternatives. His new campaigns fit the agenda these days and focus on the coronavirus.

The supermarket chain Gadis, Orange or Ikea were among the pioneers, creating advertising campaigns for the pandemic that also functioned as an outpost of the issues that were going to dominate advertising during these days and the tone that was going to be given to the ads.The advertising was using emotional language, heartwarming music, and encouraging messages. The tone was positive, the idea was to convey that he was going to get out of this and in a way the ultimate goal seemed to move the viewer. It is advertising ‘of crying’ but with a positive aftertaste.The new advertising campaigns of the pandemic After these first campaigns, which appeared in the first days, new actions and new ads from more brands have been added. Carrefour, Vodafone, Bankia, Securitas, Mutua Madrileña or Cola-Cao are some of the brands that have launched special announcements for these days.Their campaigns follow the trend set by those first ads, with emotional messages and an optimistic base.

At the same time, they have also added a new thematic thread, that of the exciting announcement that highlights heroic behaviors.One of the examples of those campaigns that opt ​​for this premise is that of Carrefour, which has been developed by Publicis for digital environments. Using a song with a title that already points to thematic thread (We will toast again, by Lucía Gil), the ad gradually builds the word thank you. The announcement focuses on recognizing the work of essential workers during these days, starting with the “Carrefour collaborators” themselves, as explained in the press release presenting the campaign.

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