During May and June LatinSpots and El Ojo de Iberoamérica come together to inspire with unforgettable historical lectures from the most important Latin festival in the world. Thanks to this joint action, all subscribers to LatinSpots, those who have a membership, are registered users of LatinSpots.com or who register now, can access this unique training and inspiration tool that we decided to call “El Ojo Conferences Inforgettable”.The pandemic isolated us socially to preserve ourselves and accompany the measures taken by the different governments. From LatinSpots and El Ojo de Iberoamérica we believe that in addition to being a time to take care of ourselves, it is also a time to prepare for when we have overcome this crisis, that is why we open the historical archive of the site and the festival to share a series of conferences that marked the audiences of El Ojo, the most important International Festival with a Latin gaze on the planet, and which are more current than ever.

This Conference Cycle that is presented weekly is free for subscribers, those with Trainspotting memberships and registered users of the portal began by New Caledonia Email List sharing the conference of Martín Mercado, Founder of Mercado McCann who in 2012 dazzled a room full with ” Shut up now or say it forever “in which he shared one of his personal experiences that would accompany him in his life and in his profession, and at the time he made an impact by pointing out that” The secret is to see what we have to tell, what we have to say to him to the world “, and assured that this is exactly what brands are looking for: people who want to interact and have something to say.The next conference will be that of Leando Raposo, founder and CEO of The Cyranos Barcelona, ​​who appeared at El Ojo 2010 when he was the Creative VP of McCann Erickson Madrid and returned to Buenos Aires to appear exclusively at El Ojo de Iberoamérica with the conference Entitled “AR 1132 EZE-MAD. IB 6843 MAD-EZE”. In front of a large audience, Leandro shared his vision regarding those things that he took into account when he left his city, Buenos Aires, to go to work in Spain, and had a moment that moved the entire audience when he invited his grandmother to the stage adoptive to close her presentation by fulfilling her dream of singing in front of a large audience.

Leando’s conference will be available to subscribers, those with Trainspotting memberships and registered users or who register now from Tuesday, May 12 through Saturday, May 16.Every Monday LatinSpots and El Ojo de Iberoamérica will announce on their sites and on social networks what the conference of the week will be. Fernando Vega Olmos, Pablo del Campo, Chacho Puebla, John Forero, Marcello Serpa, Claudio Invernizzi, Eva Santos, and Monica Moro are some of the next references chosen so that everyone can be re-inspired while we are in quarantine.These conferences are part of the more than 300 historical conferences of the different editions of the Festival. Subscribers to LatinSpots magazine in its printed version have, since 2020, access included to 5 historical conferences.

In the case of subscribers to LatinSpots Online magazine, access is to two historical conferences included in their subscription. Those who have their Premium Membership already have access to a historic conference of their choice. The Reel LatinSpots 25 years is also available.This weekly cycle of Unforgettable Conferences of El Ojo de Iberoamérica will be available during the months of May and June of this year as a new contribution from LatinSpots and El Ojo for the inspiration, training and education of professionals in the industry. And that all who enjoy them come out of this quarantine, as they always do in each edition of El Ojo: inspired, motivated and full of ideas to contribute to the industry, communication and marketing of their companies and clients.

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