Carmen Santo Personal Branding and Online Reputation Consulting. Social Media Manager of @ Ready4Social. Journalist…Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company The Internet does not close its doors, neither day nor night, with this, neither will your online business. This makes a big difference compared to traditional stores, which can be a great advantage. Knowing how to take advantage of it is in our hands, since improper management could be a great inconvenience. Even so, ecommerce has come to revolutionize our way of buying and selling. Opening hours are extended , now it is perennial, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This implies a constant presence of your products on the web; the doors of your business never close. Surely you have always dreamed of keeping your establishment open at night, or on holidays. Well, your wishes have come true.

Now your products have greater visibility . In front of the crowded store shelves, here Sierra Leone Email List have practically unlimited space to display your commercial offer. Knowing how to sell the product in this new medium is in your hand. Since it is not possible to touch the product, it is necessary to make up for this deficiency by providing complete and detailed information about the product: images, tips for use, explanatory videos. The customer’s opinion is also important . Many of the online internet stores offer product information but do not provide tools or have spaces where consumers themselves can assess their shopping experience or the quality of the product. Losing the fear of criticism and opinions is important and we can learn a lot from it . Offering the possibility of suggesting customer comments can positively influence the decisions of other buyers or improve our services and products when they are manifested in a negative context. A high percentage of users use the Internet to expand information, which they later use to physically buy the product . It is even common for customers to turn to the web when they are in the store itself. Play at home, link the web to your physical store, include QR codes next to the products, with their detailed file. You will increase the chances of closing the sale.

More promotion channels . In an online store you cannot put a propaganda dispatcher at the door to attract everyone who passes by, but there are other methods and a multitude of tools and channels to publicize our products; in this case, taking advantage of the online environment, such as website optimization, SEM campaigns or e-mailing. In addition, you can use the great strength of social networks to increase the relevance of the brand and its products, or create a community related to our own business. To consider The fact of buying online can cause some distrust on the part of customers and consumers both towards the company, towards the payment method, or the type of purchase made, since the user does not obtain their purchase on the spot. Consumers are looking above all for transparency, security and trust .Put at your disposal information about the company, satisfaction guarantee, shipping method, return conditions, after-sales service All information is little, take care of its format and presentation . Do not use long and endless paragraphs in lowercase letter, whose access is confined in a tiny section of the web. Clearly display the content, ultimately it is about sales pitches, make it attractive and easy to read. Show that you have nothing to hide. Customer service No matter how hard we try to do everything in the most correct and effective way possible, we will always find customers dissatisfied with a product or a specific problem related to shipping, defects in the product itself or simple dissatisfaction. It is therefore necessary to know what are the rights of online consumers and what they can demand from us or what the different claims that may be may be, but it is also just as important to offer quick and effective attention that can provide solutions to different problems. It is essential to convey that there really is someone on the other side, such as a phone number available 24 hours or at specified times, online chat or even video conferencing. Here the human factor is tremendously important. Customer service can become a differential aspect of our business that can make us lose customers or earn the loyalty of all of them.

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