In the first place,  ouyin has opened up the qualifications for the platform service providers of transportation and travel services. On the Douyin open platform, you can see that in the entry column of transportation and travel, there are options for taxi/online car-hailing, ride-hailing/carpooling, and taxis. . Yife Shunfengche and a number of local travel service platforms have all settled in the Douyin applet. In July this year, Huawei released the third-generation Hongmeng operating system. The system has a built-in aggregation taxi service Petal travel. At the same time, Tencent also launched an aggregation taxi function in WeChat’s “travel service”, T3 travel, Caocao travel, and the first car. Multiple platforms are available. After many years of battles between Didi, Kuaidi and Uber, taxi-hailing has become a new battleground.

Douyin’s local life re-enters the hinterland of Meituan

In the first place, Although the online car-hailing applet has not yet appeared in the recommended position of Douyin.  In the past two years, local life has always been the top priority of Douyin.  In the past, Douyin focused on the in-store business of group buying. In the first place, has reached a cooperation, and will enter Douyin in the form of a small program. In fact.The two parties will conduct France Phone Number complementary cooperation in merchant resources, delivery teams, and channel traffic. In fact,This also means that Daojia business has been  in an important position. In October of this year, the GMV of Douyin Life Services exceeded 10 billion. According to the Bank of Communications International Development. and Research Report The GMV of Meituan’s in-store business in 2022 will be about 236 billion yuan.

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Huawei and Tencent entered the market, and Didi’s market share

In mid-December, Douyin adjusted its organizational structure again. Han Shangyou, the vice president of Douyin, became the head of the Douyin department to coordinate the management of Douyin, China Live Broadcasting, and life service business lines. report. In the first place, Han Shangyou can be said to be the most prosperous executive of Douyin at the moment. and he is even  the “Prince of Douyin”. Born in 1990, he joined B2B Lead ByteDance three years after graduation. In 2019, Douyin built a live broadcast platform, and Han Shangyou became the person in charge of Douyin live broadcast. In the second half of 2021. Han Shangyou will also serve as Douyin Life Service and Douyin Head of Open Platform. Now that Douyin has started to get  in the online car-hailing business. It is not difficult to see that Douyin hopes to have a more comprehensive layout of local life.



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