In full confinement during the coronavirus pandemic, a viewer confessed to me that, although she paid for various VoD services and was surrounded by available content, she had ended up watching a pirated series. It did, he explained, because it was not available on any payment platform.She had even been willing to add one more in case they had it for a month because it was something she wanted to see to feel better during those weeks, although, at the same time, she recognized that sometimes she was a little overwhelmed by everything that was there. see, all the fashion series and everything that I ended up paying for all those services. Because, no matter how low the fees are, adding one and the other end up being a recurring and considerable expense.All the points that that consumer lived are, in fact, perfect examples of great trends that have happened during the last months. The lockdown increased content piracy (but also the use of VoD platforms) to levels not seen for quite some time. And consumers showed at the start of this year, and not necessarily with the confinement (it was coming from before), a streaming fatigue.New services keep appearing and asking to be paid for them, but consumers have reached a limit. They already feel that they pay too many subscriptions, something that can become a problem for online media that are now imposing paywalls but also for new players entering the VoD market. If you are not Disney and you do not have its brand power behind it, it is unlikely that you will be able to start with its millionaire data of records.We want to see it, but not pay for it (more)But in addition, the boom in different content and the cycles that elevate them are generating a favorable climate for the emergence of new formats for accessing content.

Consumers want to see that Lesotho Email List content and they don’t want to be left behind. They don’t want to be the only one who hasn’t seen the hot series, be it Tiger King or The Mandalorian , even though they can’t add one more subscription to their accounts. And that leaves the door open for new models that make a living from ads, as the latest Rakuten Advertising study on VoD concludes.On average, in Europe, consumers are paying for two VoD platforms. And actually, there are not that many, or at least that’s what they feel: viewers continue to believe that they are missing things. 64% of Europeans acknowledge that content is lost, especially sports (32%), documentaries (26%) and comedy (25%).Despite that feeling of missing things, consumers don’t sign up for new services because of the price.

According to the Rakuten study, price is the main barrier. 26% have canceled services because the price was too high and 35% because they wanted to pay something else (and one had to give way to the next one on the list of payments).A future of streaming with adsDuring the coronavirus crisis, the consumption of on-demand content grew notably in Europe, but so did that of pirated content (the study also concludes, as previously perceived).The respondents do not believe that this will settle and they think that pirate streaming would not have a path if there were more options to access content and if these were more accessible in economic terms. In that case, only 27% of consumers believe that pirated content would continue to be consumed.

And, in that race to offer magnetizable content at low prices, advertising is the key. If there are advertisements on the service, the subscription price can be much lower or it can be converted directly to premium. And, curiously, one of the scenarios in which consumers are receptive to this type of service is, as the study points out, in sports content. 26% of viewers would be interested in being able to access streaming sports with ads in between.Consumers are therefore open to seeing advertisements, advertisements that advertisers do not fit on TV in some way. If you can create a good experience, it could be one of the ways to connect with the viewers of tomorrow.

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