Download this guide to be up to date and learn how to sell more. The answer to these and other questions in our article. Keep reading! What is advertising psychology? Advertising psychology is a concept that refers to the analysis that advertising has on the audience or public of a brand or company. Its main objective is to study the Belgium WhatsApp Number List behavior of the target and to draw conclusions about the impact of the color used in a campaign, the typography, the type of message, etc. Cognitive dissonance: cognitive dissonance is related to satisfaction. If we choose a product that does not satisfy us and that is not consistent, we will feel bad.

Is Advertising Psychology Important?

Of course! Thanks to the conclusions that can be drawn. Companies, can better understand their consumers and design and implement much more effective marketing campaigns . Psychology strategies in advertising psychology has come a long way. In, recent decades, a reality that has helped us. Design, strategies link to this discipline to Belgium WhatsApp Number List attract the attention of the audience of a brand or company. These strategies are numerous: emotional marketing: it is marketing that appeals to emotions to influence the purchase decision of the target audience. Classical or instrumental conditioning: classical conditioning is a strategy based on highlighting attributes. That, are not always linked to the product or service that the brand or company advertises.

While the Instrumental

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This must be use whenever said product or service. Has, characteristics superior to those of the main competitors. Zeigarnik effect : it is a strategy based on the creation of expectations. It is widely use in the world of television, for example: when the chapter of a series ends.  They, play fragments of the next episode, with the aim of creating Belgium WhatsApp Number List need and suspense. Persuasion : many people confuse persuasion with manipulation and… it has nothing to do with it! Persuasion is an art that consists of very subtly convincing people to act in a certain way. Neuromarketing : neuromarketing is a strategy based on the study of the mind and brain with the aim of influencing people to obtain a higher number of sales. Knowing how the consumer’s mind works helps us to carry out, without a doubt, good marketing.

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