Despite registering a global decrease of 52% compared to what was planned, most brands continue to bet on advertising on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram E-commerce, education, beauty maintain and even increase their investment, behavior that contrasts with mass consumption, the automobile or the travel sector.The Coronavirus crisis is generating very different consequences in the different economic sectors. This is demonstrated by the figures presented by Adsmurai in a report on the impact of COVID-19 on the advertising industry on social networks. Despite experiencing a global decrease of 52% with respect to the forecasts that advertisers had for this 2020, most brands maintain investment in social networks, registering uneven behavior depending on the economic sector to which they belong.Education (+ 135%), Beauty (+ 120%) and Financial Services (+ 2%) are some of the segments that maintain and even increase their presence in social networks, a situation that contrasts with other sectors such as mass consumption (-58 %), the automobile (-21%) or the travel sector (-24%), whose investment has been substantially reduced.The cost per thousand impressions of advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, registers an average decrease of 25%, also experiencing very unequal behaviors depending on the sector. On the other hand, the Report reveals relevant changes in terms of marketing strategies and the actions that brands are carrying out on social networks during the current crisis.Uneven decline in investment and advertising pricesDuring the month of March 2020, the advertising investments in social networks of Adsmurai clients are registering significant decreases. The behavior of advertisers in the retail category stands out, which has reacted by reducing by 14% with respect to the investment made in 2019. To put this figure in context, it represents around 25.3% with respect to what was planned for the current month. Other sectors, such as education or e-commerce, remain stable, registering slight increases in investment volume compared to the previous year .

The company is seeing significant reductions in the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) paid by advertisers, which has seen a decline of around 25%. This new scenario is benefiting those brands that decide to invest Australia Mobile Number Database in social media campaigns right now. Most are choosing to adapt their messages, to launch social campaigns or to give visibility to their initiatives in response to the coronavirus crisis.The crisis forces brands to reinvent their strategiesThe report reflects a clear trend of digitization of physical consumption and social interaction, showing examples of leisure events, presentations, concerts, virtual gyms among many others. Many companies are rapidly adapting to online platforms, focusing on improving their online sales processes in order to mitigate potential losses.An analysis across the different sectors reveals that the main problem that worries brands is how to adapt their marketing strategies to continue to remain relevant to their consumers.

Although maximizing conversions is still the main objective of their campaigns, the current scenario is motivating many of them to focus their efforts on strategies based on optimizing brand presence and engagement with their customers. This is reflected in many social campaigns that have creativity as a central element.Creativity, a key element in the new strategies forSocial mediaA considerable number of leading brands are adapting their messages in the new context, taking advantage of the creativity and possibilities offered by social networks. They highlight messages that communicate benefits or discounts specifically designed to help consumers through these difficult times, such as free shipping or giveaways to encourage consumers to exercise and stay home during quarantine.Brands also communicate recommendations, notices or useful information regarding the current crisis on social media.

These messages are often combined with actions to communicate the on-line distribution channels they have open to make life easier for their customers. Other brands choose to use social networks to convey values ​​such as unity or optimism in these difficult times Some recommendations Companies will need to establish short, medium and long-term action plans in order to overcome the current crisis. In the short term, transparency and empathy will be key in all forms of communication with customers, both in online interactions and when receiving feedback. The goal should be to survive the current situation but never at the cost of clients, their health, or their resources.

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