ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Companies must refocus their business model through market innovation and customer orientation in order to grow. This is the main conclusion reached yesterday by the different SMEs that gathered at the conference “Business growth strategies with results”, organized by the IFEDES consulting group. At the event, which brought together directors and managers from more than 70 Valencian SMEs, an analysis of the new market reality was carried out. After that, the speakers concluded that the fall in demand forces companies to look for the customer and give priority by approaching him. Likewise, this new reality requires SMEs to innovate not only in products but also in marketing channels, in geographic markets, in new segments and in improving commercial resources.

In Colombia Email Address opinion, the drop in demand is key and SMEs must understand that now they have to go out and find the customer. “Organizations as a whole have to be oriented towards the market.” An aspect for which not all SMEs in our community are prepared. “The management tends to have a short-term vision that does not allow them to look further, the management structures are lacking in vision of where they have to evolve their business models with the trends and market opportunities. Organizations must move in an approach that contemplates what company they want to have in 2014 and 2015, without that vision it is difficult to be competitive, “he said. Along these lines, during the conference two of the strategies for commercial growth and market innovation were addressed, such as internationalization and the improvement of the sales network. Regarding the internationalization strategy, it was emphasized that in order to function, companies must meet four basic requirements: operational capacity to ensure the level of production, commercial capacity in the domestic market, financial capacity and management capacity. When selecting the ideal market, it is vital to do a good preliminary analysis and obtain a reduced list of target countries. “We must concentrate resources, it is key to achieve greater effectiveness,” said Andrés Fernández, expert consultant on internationalization at IFEDES. Likewise, he indicated that it is essential to analyze and know the distribution structure of the country to which it is going to be exported to organize the commercial networks well and ensure success in sales.

As an example of success, the internationalization process of the Valencian firm Micuna, a national sales leader and third in Europe, was presented. Its manager, Javier García stressed that internationalization has become “a necessity” for them to complete the sales volume and that the key has been “planning and achieving a brand name.” He also claimed that being strong in the international market allows you to be strong in the national market. “If you have a design and price to sell in Italy or Germany, you also have it to sell in Spain,” he concluded. Commercial efficiency and sales network optimization The second business growth strategy addressed in the business growth strategies seminar was the optimization of the sales network. In this, the importance of planning, motivation and monitoring of the fulfillment of the objectives was emphasized, an aspect that although it seems obvious in many SMEs is not carried out. Likewise, the need to apply relational marketing actions to retain customers and work on the role of the seller as an effective communication channel of the benefits of the products was emphasized. “We must not forget that they are a powerful means of direct communication with our clients and that their attitude and training are often the key to making our difference with the competition,” said Jesús Freire, consultant specialized in marketing and sales at IFEDES.In this line, the manager of the Valencian company Espejos Sanchis, Benjamín Maceda, explained how with the improvement plan developed they had managed to align the sales network with the company’s objectives, which has resulted in “a significant improvement in the percentages and of the shares for which we are going to continue betting ”, he asserted. With this event, Grupo IFEDES has started its new cycle of growth strategies sessions aimed at SME executives with the aim of helping them refocus their business model to face the current situation.

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