Dell is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world. Undoubtedly a recognized brand in the technology market but now it intends to take a new turn and completely change its marketing policy and the image of its brand, surely to face its battle of competition over HP who in recent months has increased the advantage over Dell as a market leader. For this, Dell has reached a new agreement with the advertising group WPP for the next three years with the aim of creating a new specialized agency that centralizes all its marketing actions, consolidating and unifying its operations and advertising campaigns in a single agency.

Dell has stipulated the amount earmarked for the investment of this new marketing strategy at about 4,500 million dollars, “3,071 million euros.” Prior to this agreement South Africa Phone Number List the computer manufacturing company Dell contracted its advertising and marketing actions to more than 800 agencies around the world. Now the Dell account belongs exclusively to WPP that will surely make some other important changes that in a few months we will be able to differentiate in its advertisements and advertising campaigns.

Movement in the spheres of managers of technology companies. This time with the new appointment of Kristof Fahy as Vice President of Marketing for Yahoo! Europe.After joining the company on November 26 and following this appointment, Kristof Fahy will be responsible for supervising different sectors in the development of the brand and communication strategies of Yahoo! in the old continent.

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