ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Twitter is very big for companies, and they make it noticeable. Will it be a passing fad? No, on the contrary, because those who do not use the microblogging social network will look like dinosaurs in a few years. But why so important, even more than Facebook for many businesses? It is simple, first of all because anyone can follow a company or user without being obliged to say that they “like” like on Facebook. Second, and perhaps more important, is that anyone can send a direct message to anyone who is still there, and the recipient will receive it. It may not always be answered, but it will be read.

In this Panama Email List Twitter is like email but 100 times better. People do not give their e-mail to just anyone, but when we join this network we are telling everyone that we are here and that we want them to contact us. What does all this mean for companies? That it is an open and global platform for discussion, sharing, questioning, reflecting and, subtly, sales. Let’s not forget that we are in business to make money after all, but you have to know how to do it. The most difficult thing, is perhaps, being able to measure the ROI that Twitter gives us, since there is no way to measure it effectively. There is no spreadsheet or program that tells us “xxx people bought thanks to Twitter.” It just doesn’t work like that. Nor is it easy to say how it works, because more than an application it is the spirit of this Web 2.0 era, of communication, of transparency, where we are showing the world what we do and how we do it.It is a new way of doing business that is evolving day after day, and it is only going to accelerate. More if we take into account that the technical details that we need to know, we learn them in minutes (how to follow, unfollow, mention someone, send a DM, etc.), and this is the great thing about Twitter, its simplicity.

It is such a broad phenomenon that we must all understand it: companies, associations, CEOs, economists, financial experts, etc. Everyone uses Twitter to communicate, share ideas, and take more action. However, we all have a question, how do we measure results? It is a meaningless question, since we are not asking what the impact is in a business conference. Or maybe yes, but in this case we are online and we have the whole world at our disposal, eager to hear what we have to say.If you are still not convinced that Twitter can help your business, you just have to think about some of these facts: 88% of the Fortune Top 100 companies use Twitter on a daily basis.66% of the questions asked on Twitter have a commercial intent.80% of tweets are negative or critical, indicating that it is essential for businesses to be able to respond to any criticism immediately.85% of companies use Twitter as part of the hiring process.

Twitter is being used to predict the movement of the stock markets. And some success stories. When Cisco launched a new router, it decided to use only social media for marketing. This enabled the company to effectively measure results and the campaign was one of the five most successful in the company’s history. Comcast launched the customer service center on its Twitter and attracted 2,700 followers and while many were initially critical of the company, they soon became ardent fans. Dell used Twitter to create “Dell Outlet,” which brought in $ 3 million in one year from his posts on Twitter alone. JetBlue established a Twitter account to have a more direct relationship with customers and potential customers, to listen to their complaints and understand how to better serve. He now has 1.5 million followers. Finally, a comment by Heather whalenera, from Geben Communication: “75% of the great relationships of my company were born on social networks, mainly on Twitter, so it is a very attractive business case for me, and in addition to It helps me understand how to help clients and get results using social media.

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