Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company The event presented the new trends for the future in the development and commercialization of products and services. Reinvention and innovation were the main recipes against the crisis raised in the sixth edition of the Marketing Strategy Forum, organized by Daemon Quest, a leading firm in Strategic Marketing, Sales and Clients consulting in Spain.

The event Estonia Email List which brought together more than 1,400 executives and experts in marketing and sales from the main Spanish companies on February 8 at the Lope de Vega Theater, allowed to see first-hand some of the most important success stories in business management and strategy. from clients of the last years, such as Amazon-Buy VIP, ALSA, MRW, BlackBerry or ABM Rexel.Ángel Bonet, partner of Daemon Quest, was in charge of opening the conference by recalling the importance of the internet in the development of new businesses and how innovating is an obligation that must be carried out with increasing speed. Bonet, who advocated putting soul into starting any business, discovered some of the new trends that will shape next-generation products and services. The director of Daemon Quest and professor at ESADE spoke of the importance of adapting to the powerful Chinese market, which accounted for 183,000 million dollars in retail sales in 2010, and highlighted the role of users as ambassadors and main promoters of brands on the networks social. He highlighted the growing interest of consumers in everything related to health, including video games, and contributed innovative concepts, such as “ecool” -fusion between design and ecology-, or “N-own”, that is, the tendency to own less and less things, opting for new loan and rental models. Gonzalo García Brusilovsky, CEO and co-founder of the shopping website BuyVIP, explained the success story of his company, which was acquired by Amazon in 2010 in what was one of the most important commercial operations in recent years in the digital environment. In his presentation, García Brusilovsky identified the elements that Amazon valued to carry out this acquisition, such as the clarity in the company’s business focus, its customer orientation and its international vocation. Likewise, he stressed the importance of innovation and the search for a leadership position as fundamental aspects to have succeeded in succeeding in a highly competitive market with few major players in Europe.

In the field of transportation, Carlos Pérez Reliegos, CEO of ALSA, detailed the process undertaken by the popular bus company, which in just two years has turned the internet into the key axis of its current business strategy. The firm has strengthened the online sales channel as well as the communication ties with its clients, reinforcing the capabilities of the workforce and putting data analysis, the implementation of innovative initiatives and the commitment to technology as the basis for success .The vice president and general director for Spain and the Mediterranean Area of ​​RIM, Eduardo Fernández, outlined the future of technology and the internet in particular as a scenario completely dominated by mobility. The head of BlackBerry in Spain anticipated a scenario in which mobile services will be able to adapt and anticipate user needs and in which technology will be more humane to facilitate its use by the customer. Gonzalo Errejón Sainz de la Maza, CEO of the multinational electricity distribution company ABM Rexel, presented a paradigmatic case in the comprehensive reorganization of a company and the redefinition of its business model. Faced with the collapse of the construction sector three years ago, the company was able to propose a different business model based on converting the entire workforce into a true sales force capable of helping its customers, mainly installation companies, to identify to their own clients for free to support them in generating business. For this, the company trained its employees to equip them with the necessary skills and proposed an original way to increase their profits: encouraging them to bet on commissions,

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