Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. In Internet businesses, the importance of Customer Service is critical, it is much greater than in a “brick” business, because customers or prospects evaluate the products or services that your company sells, with speed and quality. of the answers that your online business offers. All efforts must be oriented towards optimal customer service and the most personalized possible, it must be taken into account that on the internet there is no “face-to-face” contact between company and customers, Therefore, interactivity, communication between the two is even more important and must be very fluid. According to a research survey carried out to measure the degree of customer satisfaction and find out why they stop buying in a certain store,

The following conclusions have been reached: 68% of those surveyed responded ;” I have stopped buying because of Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the bad and non-existent Customer Service”. On the Internet, the speed with which an email is answered makes the difference, if you do it during the first hour, you will undoubtedly impress your clients or prospects and you will be at a clear advantage over your competition, but if you do it in a week or even later, they will be disappointed. Lacking true customer service, being indifferent and paying poor attention are the main causes of loss of customers and prospects on the internet. That is why the speed in responding to them is very important, your company will be in a differentiated position and will position itself in the minds of your customers and prospects compared to your competitors. Internet Businesses Are Looked At With A Magnifying Glass Clients and prospects on the internet, observe with a magnifying glass and evaluate online businesses very well, before deciding to buy a product or service that interests them. Value The information offered by your website, about the product or service of your interest. Your offers and those of your competitionBut very especially: Your Customer Service, with the speed and clarity in the answers to the questions or doubts you have about the product or service. This influences so much that it can determine to a very high degree that your prospect is inclined to buy the product or service in your business and not in that of the competition. The Answers That Customer Service Should Give Your customer service must clearly identify: What is the question or problem your prospect or customer has What are the real solutions and finally …Offer you the solutions, instructions and steps to follow Honesty is Highly Valued Don’t sell products or services, sell “solutions.” Selling to sell, selling desperately is the worst strategy any business can have, and even more so on the internet.

If your product or service does not meet the needs of your prospect or client, do not sell it, but know that it has generated bonds of trust, And there is a high probability that it will return, because human beings value credibility a lot, and even more in online businesses, in which one of the main reasons for not buying is a lack of trust. If your company cannot give the adequate answer to a question or problem of your client or prospect, because it lacks it, answer anyway and promise that you will have that answer, or that solution, as quickly as possible. If you can’t help, tell him why and offer alternatives. Be sure of this, Don’t Pass The Trouble If there is something that is uncomfortable, it is making the customer feel like a ping pong ball. If you can’t offer a solution, the worst strategy you can have is to pass the problem on to someone else. If you have no other choice, and you have to send your client or prospect to another person within your organization, contact them first and explain what the question or problem you have is, in this way, you will not have to explain again what It is everything. Your customer will not have to waste any more time telling everything again and it will make him feel that he is being well served .Good customer service is measured by the degree of satisfaction that customers have with the pre and post sale service of the company, customers expect much more than kind and polite words taken from a marketing script, they expect answers and above all “Conclusion On the internet the exit door is only within the reach of a click for your clients and prospects, differentiate yourself, provide optimal customer service, do not make it easy for your competition. It is useless for your business to have the best product or service, if you lack the most important

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