ESERP · Master in Marketing and Commercial Innovation in Madrid If you like new technologies and social networks you will learn to create marketing strategies ESERP · Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Barcelona You will learn to segment users and consumers with new technologies and Social Networks Times of crisis are a litmus test for companies’ values ​​and for their corporate social responsibility strategies. They are the moment in which consumers pay attention to how much there is of promises and how much of real events. Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic will be a moment of attention in which citizens will look at whether companies are truly faithful to their principles and the values ​​they defend, but also how they act and what they do. Many are the companies that are announcing different measures related to the situation. Some, which have the capacity to do so (not all sectors can, after all), are changing their production to adjust it to the needs of the general public in times of pandemic.

They are making Honduras Phone Number List masks and other items to fight COVID-19.Luxury giant LVMH was one of the first to make a change in production. The company has halted production at its French perfume factories to focus on producing hydroalcoholic gel. Its production is intended for the French public health system. On Monday, in fact, they were scheduled to deliver the first deliveries to hospitals in the Paris region, which, although they still have stock, have already noticed the pressure. The change process was, according to medical sources Parisian who collects the gala press, very fast. LVMH offered the production to them on Saturday night and the next day in the early afternoon the process had already been finalized.

It is not the only company that has already offered to make hydroalcoholic gel. In Spain, Pernord Ricard , the beverage giant, has offered to use its factory in Manzanares, Ciudad Real to manufacture this product. According to the company’s own estimates, it could manufacture about 50,000 liters of this substance per day in its factory. “We could allocate a part of our means to manufacture these products in a matter of days and we have the capacity to manufacture 50,000 liters per day to be bottled after a bottling plant of another external company that packs gels,” they said .The cosmetic industry is also making the switch. Cantabria Labs , which are the company behind several cosmetic creams, has already begun to produce hydroalcoholic solutions in one of its plants and they have also placed themselves at the service of the Ministry of Health. On their first day after changing the production plans at the factory where they started the gel launch, they have already managed to produce 12,500 units of 100 milliliters of this substance. In general, as explained from Stanpa, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, the industry is working to respond to the high demand for these products.

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