For the media, the coronavirus pandemic is having a complicated effect on their business data. COVID-19 and its expansion have forced citizens to stay at home, either by a general recommendation – as is the case in several countries – or by a legal obligation – as is already the case in Spain, Italy or France -, which has increased news consumption figures. Television is a perfect example of this situation. Television networks are recording all-time highs in audiences in Spain, practically doubling the hours of viewing that users spend on them on a recurring basis.On the other hand, however, the media make a living from advertising or have a very important part of their income in it, but in the midst of the context in which we find ourselves, advertisements have become one of those issues in which companies cut out. It is one of the common behaviors in difficult times, as the economic crisis of recent years demonstrated in a direct and practical way.

In times of instability, companies cut back on what they think is most expendable, and ads are part of it.In addition, and although the media are registering France Mobile Number Database brutal audience peaks, it is a captive audience, one that will not be able to go out and buy what they are seeing in the advertising breaks.Analysts expect the coronavirus crisis to have a direct effect on advertising budgets . In the first moments, there were already clear signs that investment was freezing and even contracting. A study has just released specific and global figures of how and how much the effect of the pandemic is already being felt.The data make it clear that a majority of media have already noticed a decrease in advertising. According to data from a global study by the International News Media Association (INMA), which has started from a sample of large media companies, 62% of media companies acknowledge that they have already noticed the impact of the coronavirus.

Ad spend has dropped suddenly with the outbreak of the global pandemic.He also does it while the audience is increasing. Of the sample of media companies they have worked with, only one of those surveyed has acknowledged that the revenue generated by the audience has fallen.Branded content or travel ads, what has dropped What exactly has led to you losing ad revenue? As they conclude in the study, certain sectors and certain advertising formats are the ones that have been frozen the most in terms of investment.The media note that travel and tourism ads and event ads have dropped. At the same time, investment in programmatic advertising and branded content has stopped. In parallel, however (and quite in line with current affairs and the behavior of citizens), the advertising of food and supermarket food has increased.

To these data, another estimate could be added, one from Manipulable, which has detected how the coronavirus is having a negative impact on the smallest media, the local newspapers that were already trying to survive in a difficult way. Many of them had linked their distribution to moments of great agglomeration of the public, precisely what has now been suspended.How the media handle the job crisis Returning to the INMA data, the study has also analyzed how the media is managing work in the times of the coronavirus. According to their data, let’s remember global, half of the media have contingency plans to continue working and operating in the new conditions, restricting face-to-face work.

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