In the list of unexpected spaces that advertising has reached, outer space has already been present for some time. Brands began using astronauts and their missions to position brand images and products decades ago.In the 90s, in fact, an advertisement was even filmed on the Mir space station.

More recently, NASA has begun to consider letting brands enter their actions via sponsorships , to achieve more income even if it means turning discoveries Syria Email List and activities into something brand. Space advertising, therefore, has not been a remote and unlikely idea, but rather one of those issues that seemed quite plausible.But, in a way, the conquest of space by brands has already begun and you don’t have to wait for sponsored missions to arrive to find companies doing viral actions in space.Brands already use stars to sell and they don’t do it figuratively. Space advertising and marketing activities that launch brands into space and position products in orbit already exist. Sending a Tesla car into space at the SpaceX launch is a perfect example of this.And, as they point out in Axios , the brands are already changing the space and the rules of the game in that field.

Since space travel has become a commercial element, which any company can undertake, the doors have been opened wide for brands and companies to do whatever they want in terms of brand positioning actions. Almost everything is salable and almost everything is positionable.An anti-wrinkle cream in spaceEstée Lauder has just launched into space its Advanced Night Repair, an anti-aging cream that will arrive on the International Space Station and with which astronauts will take photos for social networks. They do it in collaboration with NASA, which is already opening its hand – as planned a year ago – to collaboration with brands.In fact, for now the brands are paying a still low cost for what it would be to send their products into space with the US space agency. But, as they point out in Axios , these first actions are a kind of pilot test.

NASA is measuring how much real interest there is in space marketing and how many brands might be willing to do this. It is “an experiment”.And, as an expert points out to the media, these types of actions now have a two-way effect. It is advertising for both players. For Estée Lauder it is for obvious reasons, but it is also for NASA. The experience is still a curiosity worthy of being media material.Even so, and whether with the agency or in a private way, the space as it is known, as a more or less clean space for the presence of brands, would have ended. Space advertising will cease to be, they predict in the analysis, something to discover and conquer and will settle as the most normal thing.

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