Jesus Lanzat Benitez ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Often times, people who run a business and other entrepreneurs ask the following question: Why don’t people who pass by my business enter the establishment? Why is nobody noticing my shop window? Undoubtedly, these merchants are having problems with their business and their bottom line is suffering. They do not have a sufficient presence to draw attention to their potential customers and therefore cannot differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The answer to these questions Uzbekistan Email List the solution to these problems can be approached as follows. If we want our business to have a sufficient presence to attract our customers, we must think about how we would like our company to be. Or put another way: What would our company look like if we gave our clients the opportunity to design it themselves? Why not think from this point of view with a new paradigm? To do this, we will set four basic objectives on which advertising is based. These objectives are: to inform, communicate, persuade and remember. We must inform our clients of who we are, we are ready for them, we have the products that our target audience wants, or perhaps, the services they need. Any of us would be able on the main street of our city, to quickly identify at a glance the stores of the main fashion brands. This is not an impossible goal for the SME. That our clients recognize us and identify us by our image is not an impossible goal. On the contrary, it should be the mantra by which we rule, especially if we have several establishments of the same line in different locations. The exterior design of an establishment is the first thing we see, the first image perceived by the customer. The visual aesthetics of the facade of our business must be consistent with what we sell and the values ​​we want to convey. These values ​​are those that will connect emotionally with the client and will make them want our product. In addition, the storefront provides relevant information about the company. We must stand out and differentiate ourselves from the competition. The combinations of lights, colors and audiovisual means allow the establishment to communicate continuously with the customer, as well as stimulate the desire to buy.

We will not be able to persuade our clients without connecting them to emotion and trust. The customer must feel that they are buying something really good and feel undoubtedly supported by the company in the face of any possible problem with the purchase. There is no sale without trust, there is no profit without trust. The client will not risk their money if they do not trust. The client and their trust are therefore our greatest asset and a potential loyalty opportunity, since if the client trusts it is because they are happy in the company, and the happier they are, the more profitable they will be for the company. How can we convey confidence to our customers from the point of sale on the first visit? It is about creating hot areas, some temporary and others permanent. The customer must feel good in the establishment. Overuse of heating or air conditioning and noise will make you uncomfortable and we will likely lose a safe sale and a potential customer because of the bad experience you associate with our organization. Surely no one would shop at a jewelry store with dim lighting, no mirrors and loud music. Just as we are faithful to our favorite restaurant for its decoration, the emotion that it transmits to us, the good memories of the times we go, its good food and the magnificent treatment. These rules can be applied to any type of business, be it a fashion store, a jewelry store, a grocery store, a bookstore, and even a sports venue. The diversity of businesses is enormous, but the rule to attract clients is common.

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