To know the usefulness of the product so that he feels satisfied and does not question the purchase. Which of all the above to use? Difficult answer! You must select the most appropriate depending on the objectives you want to achieve. Color psychology in advertising color is a key element in any campaign. Advertising psychology must take into Belize WhatsApp Number List account the colors used in a logo or in a specific campaign because each of them symbolizes something different. Here are some color examples: white : is the symbol of purity and also transmits light. Blue: is the color of freshness and lightness. Yellow: is the color of joy and liveliness.

It Is a Color That Symbolizes

Strength and power and, in addition, it is very stimulating. Green: is the color that symbolizes hope and naturalness. Color psychology applied to marketing in the introduction to the article we told you what psychology is, but… what about psychology applied to marketing? This type of psychology seeks to immerse itself in the mind of the Belize WhatsApp Number List human being to know its needs and thus develop strategies that help us achieve the objectives of a company. Psychological factors that influence marketing there are a series of psychological factors that are key and that considerably influence any marketing strategy . These are: confidence : with confidence you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Motivation: motivation also helps us achieve goals and face challenges.

The Visualization of the Objectives:

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The previous visualization of objectives, that is to say, to establish them and to visualize them in empathy : allows us to know the needs of our customers. Concentration: it is what helps us to focus on the objectives. 15 psychological techniques applied to marketing next, we have compiled a list of the 15 most outstanding psychological techniques Belize WhatsApp Number List applied to marketing: basic instincts : a very common and successful technique is to resort to the most basic instincts: to receive pleasure and avoid pain. One of the advertising campaigns that uses this technique is that of chocolates valor, where taste and carnal pleasure come together. Novelty: another technique is novelty. It works because the brain responds better to new information than to information it already knows.

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