Are we already tired of the famous in the commercials? Celebrities, no matter what area they come from, have been traditional allies of brands when it comes to creating compelling publicity and catchy messages. The celebrity was positioned as a powerful asset because it was a voice that the consumer trusted in a certain way and because it also had a high recognition. You knew who he was and you connected with that popular person. In many cases, they also functioned as a lever to activate certain values ​​of the product. Such a famous advertised such a shampoo because consumers wanted to have such wonderful hair and such another a car because it conveyed the dream life to which consumers aspired.But perhaps celebrities have already started to burn as a brand asset that advertisers can use to position their ads and messages. The boom of influencers was already pointing in that direction. If influencers positioned themselves in a solid and powerful way at first, it was because consumers were starting to get fed up with brand messages and famous gaps.

When influencing they valued Poland Phone Number List him because they “believed it” and because they perceived him in a close way that a famous person had never equaled.And, possibly, celebrities have started to lose momentum to another level. We have lost the connection with them, the empathy and they no longer become sources of emotional ties.That’s what a study that has used the latest SuperBowl announcements as a baseline for analysis has just shown. According to their conclusions, the emotional connection is minimal and consumers are beginning to show signs of saturation in the presence of celebrities in advertising.Too many celebrities, few emotionsThe study , prepared by System1, analyzed the emotional response of consumers and estimated its long-term impact in terms of growth.

Their data concludes that those ads that accumulated large numbers of celebrities were the ones that achieved the least results in terms of emotions. Ads featuring many celebrities and brands accumulating recognizable names and faces failed to connect with audiences.As the company’s CCO Karen Wolfe explains, the ads achieved modest results in emotional terms and did not fare well in tests. For consumers they were confusing and they usually wondered who all those people were and if it made sense for those celebrities to appear in the same ad.Even those ads that had a very high pre-buzz, like one by Olay that turned several women into astronauts, had rather mediocre results in terms of emotional response. They had too many celebrities on screen.

Against this data, those ads that had a lower number of celebrities achieved better results. If you want an advertisement with a famous person to work, it can be concluded by reading the study data, not only can the number of well-known faces not be abused, but also the famous person must be connected in a certain way with the message.It must have a certain logic that the celebrity appears in the ad. One of the best data on emotions from the Super Bowl celebrity ads analyzed was one featuring Bill Murray. He did it in an ad that recreated one of his most popular movies.

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