Creativity is one of the most important values ​​that brands can use these days to position themselves, attract the attention of consumers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Being creative requires work and talent, but also on many occasions taking certain risks and going beyond what is usually done.What are the most creative brands and companies in the world? That is what Warc has just asked, which it has analyzed in its Creative 100 Ranking , combining data from creativity and advertising awards and the results of the most outstanding campaigns, the actions of brands and companies from all over the world.The most creative brand in the world is, according to final data from the Warc study, Burger King. The fast food giant repeats, as it was already the most creative brand in the study for the previous year. As explained in the analysis that accompanies the data, Burger King is positioned in such a remarkable way since it has managed to position actions in several countries as relevant campaigns.

In the list of the 100 most creative Iceland Phone Number List campaigns in the world, Burger King has managed to put three, carried out in Brazil, Spain and the United States.In fact, not only is Burger King the most creative brand in the world, but the company that owns the brand, Restaurant Brands International, is the most creative company globally. Restaurant Brands International is the owner of other fast food and restaurant brands, such as Tim Hortons or Popeyes, and has managed to position itself for the first year as the most creative company.”It is incredible to see how our teams believe that creativity can be a source of competitive advantage,” explains in the study Fernando Machado, the global CMO of Restaurant Brands International, also adding that they are having “great ideas” that come from everywhere.

Returning to the most creative brands in the world, the list continues with Nike, which repeats in second position, and with Xbox, which opens in third, jumping from 11th last year. The top 10 is completed with, in this order, Ikea, Bodyform / Libresse, The New York Times (new to the list), Apple, Volkswagen, Diesel and KFC.There are many parallels between these data and the list of the most creative companies (which Warc selects based on the ones that receive the most awards for creativity). In addition to Restaurant Brands International leading the list, there are, in this order, Nike, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Microsoft, Mars, The New York Times Company, Volkswagen Group, Ikea, Procter & Gamble and Essity.

The most creative campaigns The most prominent campaign of 2019 was, as is not surprising from the rest of the data, one from Burger King, The Whopper Detour , from the FCB New York agency.The campaign was very viral at the time: the giant was selling Whoppers for a penny, but to access those prices they had to unlock them in an app geolocating next to a McDonald’s, the company’s competition. The return of the campaign was also very high: they tripled mobile orders, reached the maximum in 4 years of visits in stores and achieved a return of 37-1. As its creators point out, it was not only a creative idea, but also one that achieved positive financial results.The list of the most creative campaigns of the year continues with some that have been very popular and that remain very fresh in the memory of consumers.

Viva la Vulva , by Bodyform / Libresse, is the second most creative campaign of 2019 and Dream Crazy , by Nike, the third. The top 5 is completed with The New York Times’ campaign on the importance of truth and with one of the Xbox campaigns.Spain, one of the most creative countries in the world The ranking also marks the most creative countries in the world based on what their advertising industry has done. The United States, the country that was already the most creative in the world in last year’s edition, repeats as the leader. UK is second again. The first change among the major countries is in Brazil, which has climbed to third place (it was fourth last year) displacing Australia. The country of the antipodes is now the 4th most creative in advertising.

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