The emission of a 30-second spot costs five million dollars. In 2018, 22% of Super Bowl advertisers allocated 10% of their annual advertising budget to the spot during the game.The commercials are the most interesting part of the Super Bowl for 24% of the audience, who receive the spots as part of the entertainment and not as just another advertising action.It is estimated that more than 188 million people will be glued to their televisions on February 3 to watch the Super Bowl, the largest sporting event in the United States. It is one of the few shows widely followed in homes: 68% of people who have a television at home will watch the game.This first Sunday in February, the New England Patriots will face the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta in the final of the National Football League (NFL), with tickets that cost between $ 2,000 and $ 12,000 .But, beyond the game, the Super Bowl is a great spectacle that lasts about four hours, broadcast entirely on television. Around game time there are performances by superstars (this year it will be the Maroon5 group) and some of the most iconic commercials of the year are broadcast, which the big brands make expressly for the occasion, knowing that it is the great annual appointment to connect with a gigantic television audience.Television advertising is reserved for large advertisers, since the broadcast of a 30-second spot costs five million dollars. In 2018, 22% of Super Bowl advertisers allocated 10% of their annual advertising budget to the spot during the game; it was the highest percentage in the last five years.Advertisers know that it is a challenge to stand out during the Super Bowl, but that the notoriety they will achieve compensates them and they make increasingly elaborate pieces, which they try to viralize through social networks. They also have a “delivered” audience: for 24% of the people who watch the game, the ads are the most interesting part of the Super Bowl and they receive this publicity as part of entertainment and not as just another publicity action.This huge advertising showcase generates revenues for the NBC network of more than 534 million dollars during the game, to which must be added another 115 million dollars for the ads before and after the Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl is a unique France WhatsApp Number List event for advertising and offers numerous moments in which to connect with the multi screen audience in real time. It is a live show that every year generates images that go viral on the Internet”, recalls Juan Camilla Bonilla , CEO of Rebold . “Advertisers who are well prepared, who have analyzed the market and the audience, will have the opportunity to reach consumers by participating in the conversations of fans on social networks and reaching the right audience with their advertising through programmatic actions.”Know the marketAlthough high prices prevent most brands from aspiring to show their ads on television during the Super Bowl, knowing the market and how the audience behaves will help them find other moments and channels before, during and after the game to make an impact. with your ads in the audience. Rebold , has analyzed social behavior during the Super Bowl.For example, the Super Bowl generated 414 million interactions on social networks in 2018.

On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alone there were 107.7 million interactions around the game.Facebook registered 122 million organic interactions and 62% were made by women. 90% of those interactions took place from mobile devices.On You Tube, Super Bowl ads were viewed 16% more in 2018 than the previous year.The audience for these ads through smart TV home devices grew 52% last year. One in eight Super Bowl ads on YouTube was viewed through an OTT (Over The Top, TV on Demand) platform.Last year’s top five ads accounted for the majority (56%) of all video ads shared on the Internet during the Super Bowl. The other 129 ad creatives accounted for the remaining 44%.Shopping habits before the game74% of men in the United States and 69% of women watch the Super Bowl. They do:75%, in homes: (TV + mobile);7%, in bars, pubs and other establishments.

Americans will spend an average of $ 81.17 during the game, although the figure rises to $ 118.43 among fans 25-34 years old. This will add up to a total of about $ 15.5 billion in party-related activities.It is an ideal occasion for a part of the American business, if they are able to relate the use of their products with the encounter. But they must bear in mind that the way of consuming is different from other festive moments: 30% of people start buying at least a week before the game and that 69% complete their purchases only one or two days before or even the same day as the Super Bowl.The three most important spending chapters will be:82% will buy food and drink.11%, clothing and merchandising for your team.8% will buy a new television. Another 8% will spend their money decorating the house

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