There are not exactly magic days, when consumers believe everything the ads say and when they do not stop clicking on banners. No day is exactly bomb-proof, but it is true – or at least that’s what the statistics say – that some days, some time slots, and some times of the year allow for better results. Marketers need to have a good understanding of how their market works, what are those moments that are favorable to them, and understand what motivates that especially positive response.Sometimes the key is to understand the context in which the consumer moves. For example, a key element in social media is that time of day when consumers jump into browsing the feed.

That moment will possibly be when brand messages have the most potential to reach them, but understanding when your specific audience is doing just that Iran Phone Number List is not always easy.At other times, the secret is to analyze not only behavior patterns but also response patterns. For some messages, it ‘comes’ to us better than brands send them to us depending on which days.In Europe, as a study has just shown, the best day to launch advertising and to generally connect with consumers is Wednesday. This is when the best results are achieved and when consumers are most prepared to respond positively to messages.This is what a study by TVSquared has just concluded , which has analyzed the response, cost and audience data that advertisers receive in Europe (using data from television) and has established an efficiency ranking from this.

According to their conclusions, Wednesday is the best day, because it is when the best results are achieved in a more general way. The response achieved by the ads is 4% higher than the average and the CPR is 7% less than the average price.Wednesday is better than Sunday, a day in which good data is achieved, for that last reason. Although the response achieved on Sundays is slightly higher (6% above the average), the campaigns that are launched on those days are less efficient in terms of cost. Their prices are 10% higher than the average CPR in general. Brands end up, therefore, paying a premium for advertising on Sunday.The announcements, before noon Advertisers must not only choose the day well, but also the time of the day when their ads reach viewers. There is not much surprise here.

According to the data of the study, on the day and specifically the strip that goes from 9 in the morning to noon is the one that achieves the best data in response. That’s the general conclusion, but with nuances depending on the market that advertisers are going to target.As they point out in the analysis, the top five European markets do not perform the same when it comes to advertising in the morning. In Spain, for example, it is the early morning bands that achieve the best response data. The response rate is 113%.The data in the United Kingdom, for example, for that band is -72%. In this market, what works best is the morning, while Germany stays with the last hours of the morning, France with the day in general and Italy with the first hour of the afternoon.

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