Building a powerful brand image has been one of the issues that have marked the strategy that companies should follow to connect with their consumers, strengthen their positions and position themselves in a solvent way.After all, many of the great brands that we consume today and that have been with us for decades have done so thanks to a product and an image that consumers quickly recognize. One only has to think, for example, of Coca-Cola and how possibly any consumer in the world is able to visualize, as soon as their name is said, their brand attributes. When we order in a bar or a cafeteria, we do not ask for a cola, but we ask directly for “a Coca-Cola”.In recent years, in addition, building a solid brand image has become much more decisive and decisive in reaching and connecting with consumers. In the midst of the noise in which companies and their products move today and in the face of the large number of options available, they need to ensure that they have an identity that is significant enough and powerful enough so that their customers and potential buyers can separate it from everything else.But where is the key to building those powerful brands? What should be the elements that establish the strategy and that position the brand in a unique way?They are not just adsMarketers can make the mistake of thinking that one tool is more powerful than another and that the key is to focus all efforts on certain areas of work or action. The truth is that reality is much more complex and that in a market in which things depend on more and more issues, companies must work on their brand in a more holistic way.Perhaps, one of the problems of companies when they try to reach new markets is to think that they will achieve it with a massive advertising campaign.

Advertising is a very powerful tool to publicize the brand, reinforce its identity or establish the Indonesia Phone Number List relationships that already exist with consumers, but it cannot be the only piece in the corporate strategy.Advertising, alone, is not going to do any miracle, especially in a market as complex as the current one.The sum of a strategy Experts are clear that brands – and especially powerful brands – aren’t built on ads alone.In fact, if you think about the characteristics of lovemarks , the brands that consumers love and that arouse passions (to the point that they are mobilized by them, transmitted from parents to children and have a much deeper relationship with them) , what establishes them is not the power of their advertising. It is something that goes much further than that.

The ads have helped popularize them and were possibly what helped the brand take the first step in the relationship with its consumers, but the companies’ strategy went much further than that. The companies worked on their marketing strategy, that of customer experience or creating emotional connections, which made the brands establish themselves with an identity that is not only very recognizable but also very powerful. They are linked to their consumers far beyond their messages.A strategy that touches many suits Therefore, to create powerful brands that resist market changes and have a solid relationship with their consumers, they must be viewed in a holistic way, with a cross-cutting strategy that touches many areas and that thinks beyond using claims and sell products.

This is certainly a leg, and a very important one (brands are in the market to do business, we should never forget), but it must be complemented with many other actions and with work in many more areas.In addition, it cannot be forgotten that consumers and generational changes have made the relationship between clients and companies much more complicated. Citizens want more and more from brands, expecting them to have values, to be ethical and to have objectives beyond doing business.At the same time, they are more disbelieving than ever and trust organizations far less than in the past. All of this makes the corporation-citizen relationship complicated and complex, and the work of brand image construction must go much further.

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