The campaign will focus on digital and television, the latter in more premium positions and with much longer durations, both free-to-air and on pay television platforms.Bankinter continues to support a line of communication based on differentiation, based on the concept that “not all banks are the same”.Bankinter starts today a new advertising campaign, which represents an important shift in its marketing strategy, by recovering traditional brand concepts, such as differentiation, but from approaches that are far removed from the more conventional advertising and much closer to the communication codes currently in demand.Under this premise, the bank now proposes a line of communication based on life stories that connect with people’s day-to-day lives and that, through very close experiences, appeals to the most emotional part of people. All of this represents a radical change to the concept that Bankinter advertising had been working on in recent years, much more focused on transferring the more rational benefits of the brand and, above all, of its financial products, especially the payroll account as the main recruitment proposal, and always focusing on the most related target audience.From this change of perspective, Bankinter started a campaign that relies especially on the television and digital formats, in the latter with a focus on video and social networks. Regarding television, priority will be given to ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’, with a special presence in “Premium” positions and with much longer durations, especially at the beginning of the campaign. In this sense, free-to-air television planning will focus on the most qualitative environments (news programs, premiere programs) and, at the same time, the presence on pay television platforms will gain weight: thematic channels, Movistar +, etc.An important presence in digital is also foreseen aimed at covering audiences that television does not reach, through a campaign that incorporates video, banners and customizations of the covers in the main editorial headlines, as well as actions on social networks, through pieces promoted from the brand and also with influencers from different fields.

All this with the aim of achieving maximum notoriety and continuing to advance in the Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List consideration of a Bankinter brand, conveying to a general public the message that Bankinter “is not a bank like the others” and the concept that “when you accept that everything is You give up on finding something better “, and therefore:” Never stop looking. “InfoAdex, a leading company in the control and investigation of the advertising sector in Spain, has presented today at the Auditorium of the Mutual Madrileña on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, the «Study of Advertising Investment in Spain 2019». According to this annual study, which is now in its twenty-fifth edition, the estimated real investment recorded by the advertising market stood at a volume of 12,835.5 million euros, which represents a growth of 2% over the 12,584.6 million of euros that were reached in the previous year.The growth rate in 2018 of conventional media has been 2.9%, going from the 5,355.9 million euros that were registered in 2017 to the 5,512.6 million of investment in 2018.

As a consequence of this, the percentage that of the total market obtained by conventional media in 2018 was 42.9%, a figure that is 3 tenths higher than the previous year.In turn, the so-called unconventional media represented 57.1% of the total investment in 2018, with 7,323 million euros invested in the year, a figure 1.3% higher than the 7,228.7 million registered in 2017.Evolution of conventional mediaThe estimated real investment in conventional media reached 5,512.6 million euros during 2018, a figure that represents a growth of 2.9% over that registered in 2017. During the year being analyzed, all print media have suffered falls in their investment ratios (newspapers -5.9%, magazines -5.1% and Sunday -6.7%). The rest of the mainstream media have increased their business figures, except for TV, which suffered a drop of -0.8.

Television, which continues to be the first medium by volume of business, with a 38.6% share of the conventional media set, has decreased 1.4 points compared to the percentage it had in 2017. The fall in investment experienced by the medium television in 2018 was -0.8%, placing its figure at 2,127.2 million euros compared to 2,143.3 million the previous year. The estimated real investment achieved by national free-to-air televisions has stood at a figure of 1,915.1 million euros, with a decrease of -0.8% over the 1,931.4 million that this group registered in 2017, in so much so that the regional televisions represent an amount of 102.2 million euros, which means a fall of -10.5% in their investment figure. In payment channels, the total invested in 2018 was 107, 3 million, a figure that is 13.4% higher than the previous year, which was 94.6 million euros. Local televisi

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