The challenge for marketers in the B2B market is to reach a complex niche. Your customers are not buying ‘for themselves’, but are making decisions thinking about what matters to your company. At the same time, in addition, they are being asked to make purchasing decisions linked to large amounts of money. Businesses often need highly expensive products and services.Marketers must convince them that their product or service is the best, that it will bring the greatest benefit to their company and that it will be a highly justifiable investment to their bosses. Of course, before you get to that stage of conveying those distinctive product benefits, you need to do a job of building a strong brand image.

They need to be seen as a benchmark in their field, as someone you trust to help you meet the Lebanon Email List growth goals you aspire to or maintain the activity as you expect.The challenges for marketers are multiple and complex, and having an efficient brand strategy is very important. But are all the decisions that the brand managers of B2B companies are making okay? That is, have they designed an efficient strategy that will allow them to achieve the best results or, on the contrary, have they focused on issues that are already overcome and that should be improved?Based on the data provided by a recent study, it could almost be said that the balance leans towards the second option. Marketers are not doing well – or as well as they should be – doing things.

Their strategies fail on two key points: where they put their advertising and what type of message they choose as the epicenter of their marketing and advertising activity.Behind the study is The B2B Institute, a think tank specialized in the B2B universe that supports, as recalled from Warc, LinkedIn, and the analysis firm System1. The study has analyzed what happens to the advertising that B2B companies broadcast on television and found that the results are very bad.Television does not impact growthThree-quarters of that advertising has absolutely no impact on the long-term growth of B2B companies. Seventy-five percent of television commercials from these types of companies fail to generate growth, at least in a significant way.In general, these are ads that do not achieve good data: their score – in the System1 TV commercial ratings system – is one star. The scoring spectrum ranges from one to five stars.

Analysts point out that this failure in how the media is advertised opens the door for those companies that do things well to have, in the hypothetical case that they do so, margin for very good results. It would be the groundbreaking company.The problem of emotions But, in addition, this failure to achieve results also says a lot about what type of message is used and why B2B ads fail, deep down. Ads focus on rational elements. Marketers believe that these types of messages work best for buyers who are going to make very high-priced purchases and who have long purchase decision cycles.However, by doing so they are forgetting the power of emotions in reacting to advertising and its messages. The ads, they conclude in the analysis, have no impact because they do not have an emotional echo with the viewers / customers who are seeing them.

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