In the marketing strategy of B2B companies, certain elements usually carry the greatest weight of the investment. Marketers focus on holding events and conferences, on direct actions with their potential customers or on commercial actions that rather enter the sales domain. On the list, advertising is usually far below and you could almost say that the ads are seen as something of a consumer.However, this is a mistake. Advertising can also be a very powerful asset for the business universe if creativity is worked well and some of the traditional burdens of sector advertisements are avoided. This is what is concluded from an analysis published by Marketing Week .In general, you could say that B2B marketers need to start listening to analytics and success stories to make their advertising decisions.

Right now, as they point out in the analysis, the advertising of B2B companies is too rational, has few clear brand elements and does not follow a consistent line in Indonesia Email List terms of strategy and brand positioning.They must learn how not to make boring ads and how to get them to connect with their audiences. 77% of B2B creatives are, right now, remember, quite terrible: they are boring and they are not very effective.B2B advertising needs more emotionsWhen talking about the consumer universe, emotions are a recurring element. Marketers are very clear about the power of the emotional and also that to connect with audiences they have no choice but to go through that issue. Emotions achieve better brand recall and greater connection. And, if this is clear for consumption, why is it forgotten by default for the B2B universe?As they explain in the analysis, an emotional message is much better remembered at the time of purchase, also in the business universe. A 2019 study, they recall, already pointed out that emotional advertising achieves better long-term results when it comes to creating a brand image. Despite this, B2B emotional advertising is very limited. Few brands are using it and taking advantage of this fact.

The power of having a strong brand imageThe ad should not only be emotional and connect at that level with customers. You also have to ensure that they remember the brand, that it is established in your memory. In a way, that’s a general problem that not a few B2B brands have. Its brand identity is fuzzy. Either it is not very well understood what they are or who or there is not a general mix about the brands that make a type of product.Therefore, and returning to what they point out in the analysis, B2B companies must enhance the presence of their brand markers in their advertisements. They have to include elements that connect the campaign with their brand image and with their identity, from colors to fonts starting with slogans and other brand elements.

And, in general, the brand has to be endowed with a character, a crucial element that represents it and that the consumer recognizes.Commit to your advertisingAnd, finally, it is of little use to have made an ad with certain markers and understand the importance of advertising if at the moment of truth nothing ‘really’ is done with it. That is, you have to close a commitment, to position yourself by investing in advertising.Your B2B ads will have no impact, no matter how good they are on a theoretical level, if no one is seeing them afterwards. Advertising requires investment and expense and you just have to think about how big brands invest to see it.

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