Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Axesor, through its Marketing Intelligence business unit, specialized in the supply and analysis of information for commercial prospecting and customer development, launches the first geomarketing platform over the Internet in Spain called axesor Geo Marketing Online, developed specifically for SMEs and self-employed.

With this, for the first time, an easy-to-use tool is made available to these groups to make business decisions based on the location of their market in a geographic area or area of ​​influence. For its development Chile Email List has used technology from ESRI, a world leader in geographic information systems (GIS), integrating it with its “datawarehouse”, one of the largest databases of active and autonomous companies in the market with commercial, financial and financial information. risk of more than 4.5 million businesses and 12 million individuals. This conjunction makes it possible to geographically analyze the market of companies and individuals for the best commercial decision making.Traditional marketing analysis is based on the description of companies according to their business activity and size, as well as of consumers based on their socio-economic profile. Geomarketing is a discipline with great potential that integrates and evaluates the above data within a geographic context, providing greater understanding and ease of decision-making, turning out to be an increasingly widespread practice in the strategic planning of marketing actions, and business development in companies of all sectors. Usually, conducting market studies via geomarketing was out of the reach of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs due to the technological and consulting cost that is usually associated with it. With the launch of this online platform, it is intended that smaller and autonomous companies can access in an affordable and intuitive way the necessary level of knowledge about their own market, allowing, among other possibilities, to locate their clients, locate new potentials or study your competition.<>, assures Santiago Martín, General Director of Axesor.

In fact, the use of this platform does not require the installation of any specific software or the payment of licenses for its use, but only for the reports and thematic maps consumed, which further facilitates access by the user both from a point of view. technical and economic view. Among its different functionalities, the tool allows the user to prepare reports and thematic maps of individuals or companies throughout Spain, updated with the latest business information, demographic data and consumption habits, with the aim of both identifying and assessing markets, locating and segmenting the most profitable customers and detecting new ones. Likewise, it is able to define and analyze commercial zones and determine the potential of a certain area of ​​influence, as well as evaluate the zones or the location of a new point of sale or examine its current location to measure if the optimal number of potential income.

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