IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. If you analyze each word in this document, you will suddenly feel that you have found the key you were looking for. The key that will provide you with the results you want to obtain. You are smart enough to know how long successful business growth lasts. Is it a matter of good luck? Or perhaps it is the bet of being able to make courageous decisions and, above all, to do things differently. We continue to believe that our success is guaranteed by current sales and profits, but what is evident is that past successes are not going to guarantee future profitability, and even less how business will develop in the coming years. Does it make sense to value growing in these times? Those companies that implement innovative marketing and sales strategies where the customer is the main objective and also with a long-term commitment will grow in the coming years more than those companies that continue to bet on products and services.

The smartest companies focus on Mexico Email List those customers who generate the benefits, promote or eliminate those who do not add value. There is no doubt that in most cases the solution consists of reinventing our business models by creating new links with our clients. Redefine our value propositions and establish personalized marketing and sales strategies depending on the customer segment we attack. If each client is different, why do we insist on treating them in the same way? If each segment is different, why do we apply the same strategies to one and the other? If you want your business to grow profitably and sustainably and for a sense of wonder to spark the interest of your customers, redefine your value proposition for them. The solution: An innovative approach as a marketing strategy When was the last time you felt incredibly good about your sales growing and your business profitable? Strategic marketing will give you this feeling again. Strategic marketing seeks to know the current and future needs of customers, identify market segments or niches, assess the potential and interest of those markets, develop new concepts of products / services, diversification of the company’s product portfolio, finding a lasting competitive advantage and designing a marketing strategy for each business unit. Strategic marketing is essential so that the company can not only survive, but also position itself in a prominent place in the future. Strategic marketing, coupled with an efficient sales force and commercial systems, is the perfect equation to achieve extraordinary results and high-performance companies. Most of today’s markets, especially those where Valencian SMEs have a greater presence, are characterized by a high degree of saturation and their action limits are clearly defined. The rules of the competitive game are known to all. There is an alternative to the situation described. Imagine yourself in the future creating a new space to compete and detecting new marketing markets, thus making the competition irrelevant. For it, In this way, it could apply a competitive price without reducing the income statement, thus ensuring the viability of the business in the new market. To begin redefining the main elements for creating new markets, you need to ask yourself four key questions that challenge the strategic logic of a company’s business model: What variables does the company take for granted should be eliminated? What variables should be reduced well below the company norm?

What variables should be increased well above the company norm? What variables should be created because the industry has never offered them? By exploring beyond the conventional boundaries of your competition, it wouldn’t be amazing if you could make strategic moves to discover new spaces and increase sales. You can definitely escape the frontal competition and increase your bottom line in new sectors. Your future depends largely on answering some of these key questions: What is your reference market and what is the strategic mission of your company in that market? In the reference markets, what is the diversity of products – markets and what are the positions likely to be adopted? By product – market What are the strengths of your company, its weaknesses and the type of existing advantage? How to translate the selected strategic objectives at the level of each of the operational marketing variables: product, price, distribution and promotion? Ultimately, today the way to understand the competitiveness and future of companies is the sum of three factors: strategy, innovation and effective marketing and sales, with everything else constituting a cost.

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