If you talk to someone who has been an early adopter of Instagram and has been using the social network for so long, they may have a conclusion to offer about how it has changed and how they have added things. First of all, before talking about stories, image formats, and design changes, I’ll talk about ads. Instagram, they will point out, has “a lot of publicity” right now.If you do the test, on any given morning, to see how many ads the users of the social network end up crossing, you can see that the inclusion of advertising content is quite sustained. In the feed of a ‘normal’ user profile, five organic content appears first before seeing the first ad content, which then alternates to four content and one ad and so on. In the case of a company profile, the feed is slightly different.

An organic content, the first, gives way to an advertising content, to then also alternate in the Vietnam Phone Number List rhythm of four contents and an advertisement.It may seem, looking at this data, that Instagram already has many ads and that it is almost impossible to find a space in which more can be put. Actually, nothing could be further from that. Instagram is generating new content windows to put more ads there (see the stories and also the new formats, such as IGTV) and even outside of them it also wants to put more advertising. This is, as much as its users may think that there are already too many ads, those responsible for Instagram want to put more.

Jim Squires, the head of business for the social network, has confirmed this to Business Insider . Instagram is going to have even more ads.Where will the new advertising come in”With Stories, we are still at the construction and development stage,” Squires explains. “There is still room in the Stories advertising load and we will possibly increase it over time,” he adds. Right now, Stories already have 3 million advertisers. The CPM is still lower than the Instagram feed.These prices are what make advertisers use it, as they remember in the American environment. Of course, to use it, it should be added, they have to be able to learn the new advertising standards and what it takes to play with these new concepts.

Stories are a different format, that of a vertical image is often sound and it has to be developed in a different way than a content is developed for the feed. And it’s not always easy for marketers to understand the concept and format (Squires acknowledges in the Business Insider interview that if you don’t use Stories personally, you probably won’t understand them.) Of course, Instagram not only wants to make money with advertising. The social network is testing new services and new formats, such as ecommerce, which they have integrated into the platform. Squires acknowledges that right now they are “very complementary” and that they function as “one more sign of the things that you might be interested in seeing within the feed and the Stories”.

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