Online advertising has become the investment destination for brands and companies. Advertising budgets go to online advertisements and campaigns that use the network to reach consumers and try to sell brands and their products.But is this investment following the best possible channels? Are companies allocating their budgets and spending their money on what interests them the most and what could contribute the most to them? Or are they in the middle of all this losing money on stocks and ads that aren’t reaching who they should?In general, these questions are especially being applied to programmatic advertising. Programmatic, the undisputed queen of advertising budgets and companies’ online strategies in recent years, has ceased to be such a bomb-proof element and one that is viewed in an increasingly critical way.Recent scandals, like the one starring YouTube, and the fact that ads were appearing where they shouldn’t, coupled with growing fears of fraud, make programmatic advertising more critical of decision makers. Added to this is the fact that brands and companies are increasingly aware that programmatic doing things wrong has dire effects for their companies.But the truth is that the problems of online advertising and especially mobile advertising would not be limited to just these issues. The problems are not only a question of programmatic and how it can affect the decisions that companies make or how consumers receive those ads, but they could also be marked by a misunderstanding of the medium and its resources.Miss windows of opportunity Perhaps, the announcements are failing also because companies do not understand the windows of opportunity and are not able to assume that everything has its moment.

They’re using campaign Macedonia WhatsApp Number List calendars and forcing ads to show at times that are best for them, but not times that work best for consumers.In fact, this problem can be exemplified very well using a recent study, which has analyzed the campaigns of the apps and their investment in mobile advertising to achieve installations. The study , prepared by Singular, has concluded that those responsible for advertising are doing things very badly: they are wasting money because they are serving the ads when they want them to be seen and not when consumers would welcome them. In other words, they are ensuring that their ads do not have an echo because they launch them when consumers are not in the best moment to receive them.Don’t promote your productivity app in August Marketers would be using their own calendars and with them wasting time, money and effort.

“Smart marketers understand consumer sentiment,” says the person in charge of the study, recalling that each ad has its moment and that linking what you are trying to sell with what mobile users want to receive can have a “double-digit impact” on the result.For example, December is the month in which consumers are looking for more games, as evidenced by the fact that it is the month in which there is a peak of installations of these types of apps. However, September is the month when the ads to get it are the most expensive (after the September peak, prices plummet and remain low in December).Advertising in December will achieve better results and at a better price, but, as shown by that price spike in September, advertisers bid for ad space in that month, which is the month with the lowest installments in the last five months of the year.Another clear example of how campaign managers do their thing is in productivity apps.

Advertising spending is higher between July and November, which takes the traditional vacation months in between. Consumers, however, are most interested between February and July.Know your market Therefore, what the study shows is that, in the mobile market, companies should stop being guided by their ideas, their hunches or their work schedules and start studying their market. If you want your ads to not be just wasted money, you have to start knowing your consumers and what interests them and when they want it.

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