One of the favorite words of marketing strategists of late is influencer . The word has become ubiquitous and is present in analyzes, proposals, studies and articles that analyze what works in marketing strategy today and what brands have (and should) do. Things have changed a lot in terms of brand activity and in what consumers expect from them today, while the referents of what is taken for granted in this matter have changed. . Consumers are receiving less and less enthusiasm for traditional advertising messages and are being increasingly receptive to other elements and other avenues of contact. Now consumers follow the recommendations of other types of influencers have large niche followers,

And one of those ways that are working Egypt Email List is to reach out to those spokespersons who manage to better connect with the audience: those who are known as influencers. Using brand ambassadors is a trend that is not new. Brands have been doing this for decades and even centuries and have been using it for a long time to get their messages across to potential consumers. What has changed is how this is done, the setting in which it occurs and, above all, who are those ambassadors. Traditionally, the messages were in the hands of the great celebrities and the celebrities of the moment. For example, this is what happened to Hollywood actresses and actors throughout the 20th century. They were the ones who made everyone consume one product or keep another.

Things have changed

Now consumers follow the recommendations of other types of influencers and those who dominate are those who have large niches of followers (or followers less in number, but much greater in specialization) in social networks, since social networks are the ones that are marking the conversations and consumption habits. But, in addition to this point, brands have to take care of many other elements that have changed. One of the mistakes that  brands are accused of repeatedly making in this new era of influencers is not knowing how to really choose those who are changing the conversation and who have become the ones who really mark what consumers want. do. It’s not the only one. As they explain in a brands also fail to understand much more what influencer marketing really is now. As is often the case when something starts to work or catch on, they are taking the fast and easy route, although that is not exactly what they should be doing.

“Marketing with influencers should revolve around establishing long-term relationships, not transactions, based on building powerful brands in content, not brand content,” they point out. mThis is, as they criticize in the analysis, in recent times influencer marketing has evolved to become brands asking people to do them favors, as they point out, either with or without monetary compensation, when in reality they should not throw Over there. Influencer marketing should be much more complex and above all it should be something with greater scope. Brands should forget the immediate and think long term.

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