If you ask a user of VoD platforms why he likes that service and what has made him a fan of it, he is likely to end up talking about one question above all others. The platforms do not have ads and the experience of viewing the content is not interrupted by the messages of the brands. That does not mean that the brands are not present (you just have to look at some of the Netflix releases to end up stumbling on the notice that this content contains “advertising placement”, for example) and that they are not trying to sneak into the content that consumers consume, but cannot do so with the format that is possibly their favorite on television and to which they have become accustomed.

For brands and companies this Bahamas WhatsApp Number List has become a problem. When it comes to how VoD is growing and how its momentum is impacting the advertising market and brand strategy, the topic often comes up.For companies, the growth of these platforms is reducing their potential advertising reach.But is this reality sustainable? Can VoD platforms continue to grow and keep pace with the production of new content without the injection of capital from advertisers behind it?

After all, traditional televisions were releasing new content on a recurring basis, but they had the millionaire revenue from ads (and they didn’t seem to be releasing things every week like Netflix and the like).Analysts believe that advertising will have to reach these platforms at some point, because their growth and even their present would be unsustainable without them. In fact, experts already predict a future with ads for Netflix, which usually stars in these analyzes and debates.Netflix without ads? “It’s not what your recruiters are saying.

“That’s what executives from Google and UM Worldwide pointed out in a panel at a conference on digital content and its new frontiers. The managers pointed out that they believed that in the end Netflix will have to include advertising. And not only that: a Google top management already hinted that they were working on that. When asked if Netflix would remain ad-free, Tara Walpert Levy, vice president of agency and media solutions for Google and YouTube, noted, “It’s not what your recruiters are saying. They are going to need growth.”His words, therefore, reveal more tangible and more serious data, which suggest that the ads on Netflix are not simply chimeras.

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