Luis Javier Sanchez Journa list, expert in communication and institutional relations. One of the animators of this site …Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange” The digital entrepreneur can develop business models where the possibilities for innovation are unlimited” He acknowledges that Expomanagement, the annual executive meeting par excellence, helps him recharge his batteries and find good ideas, as he also comments that he tries to avoid negative comments from toxic people around him. That company that started in 1995 as an ISP is today a business corporation that manages some thirty projects, all of them for entrepreneurs. Infojobs (in the minority after selling a large part of its shares) Softonic or Emagister are some of its most prominent headers.

Antonio González-Barros, president of Grupo Intercom, was a guest speaker at the forums recently organized by the electronic Ecuador WhatsApp Number List commerce association AECEMD. From his point of view, the entrepreneur model is more on the rise than ever. The digital entrepreneur is seduced by an environment in which his possibilities for innovation are remarkable ”, notes- At this time, half of the entrepreneurs who get in contact with Intercom come from people who already work at Grupo Intercom. The other 50% are people who contact them by very different means. Mr González-Barros Why does the entrepreneur continue to be seduced by the Internet? Is there a visible difference between this digital entrepreneur and the traditional one? I think that in both cases the main aspects that define the entrepreneur are the illusion, the tenacity and the determination to carry out their project, their dream, regardless of the environment in which they develop it. However, the digital entrepreneur has the possibility of imagining and develop new ideas and new business models in an online world where the possibilities for innovation are almost limitless. How do your technicians detect projects of interest and entrepreneurs that are worthwhile? Talented and determined entrepreneurs are the foundation of our business model. There are many ideas and businesses to do. We are interested in the human quality and the talent of the entrepreneur and that he shares our values. Half of the entrepreneurs arise from people who already work at Grupo Intercom. The other 50% are people who contact us by very different means. What characteristics define for an entrepreneur choosing a good business incubator?

A powerful technical infrastructure that allows you to develop your project with all the guarantees of performance, scalability and security. Central services that provide you with all the necessary resources (accounting and finance, legal, communication and marketing, selection and training, etc.) to be able to focus exclusively on the project. The possibility of belonging to a group of companies in which there are many dozen experts and people with whom to exchange ideas and knowledge, in their own offices, people who have gone through what he will go through before. The largest companies that have already been successful count on being able to join them, the autonomy necessary to develop their business and feel it as their own.What has been the business evolution of Intercom in the Internet universe?

In 1995 we started a project between 23 founding partners: an ISP, an Internet access provider. That was our only initial intention. We quickly created two more businesses, one for consulting and advising in Information Technology and the other for creating web pages and Internet marketing. We sold these three companies in 2000 to Cable & Wireless, a British multinational operator. Between 1997 and 1998, among 48 founding partners, we started three other companies:, Shareware Intercom (currently and 2000 among 110 founding partners we created the incubator “Grupo Intercom” that will dedicate itself to looking for entrepreneurs and creating an environment prepared to help them in everything that “bores” us entrepreneurs: accounting and finance, legal, communication and marketing. selection and training, etc. We created a venture capital company for this purpose: Grupo Intercom de Capital SCR, SA. In 2000 this company was born with the illusion of specializing and dedicating ourselves to supporting entrepreneurs, with more than 35 online businesses developed since then. We have also taken various minority stakes in third companies.What marketing and communication strategy did Intercom implement to differentiate itself from its competition?Investments in marketing and communication have always been low, we have used guerrilla marketing strategies and we have tried to take advantage of the viral effect of the Internet. The usefulness of the recommendation is enormous on the Internet, that is why it is so important to generate links and gratitude, since that become a prescription. Satisfied customers produce word of mouth with an invaluable multiplier effect.

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