The panelists answered throughout an electoral campaign full of disqualifications. Uncertainty is not good. It may be that, if a stable government is achieved, the prospects improve.The perception of the advertising market is now better than that of the economy. On other occasions, this change has been the precursor to a change in the trend towards more positive data. But we must not forget Brexit and other sources of international uncertainty.Zenthinela panelists believe that ad spend in conventional media (MC) will grow by 1.8% this year, half a point less than they estimated just two months ago.The forecasts have been made in the two central weeks of April, coinciding with Holy Week and, for the most part, with a particularly fierce electoral campaign, which posed a scenario of strong uncertainty. Uncertainty, in general, is not good for the economy or, especially, for advertising investments.The analysis was carried out before the electoral results were known.If, as expected, these electoral results lead to a long period of government in office while the negotiations for the constitution of the new one are completed, the investment in advertising may be harmed.The forecasts have also been made after a first quarter which, according to data sources, has been quite flat for the advertising market, with growth of around 1%.For Non-Conventional Media (NCM) a growth of 1.3% is expected. If both forecasts were met, total investment in media would stand at 12,937 million euros, with a growth of 1.5% compared to last year.MCs would thus represent 42.7% of total investment in media, far from regaining the preponderance they enjoyed in the years prior to the crisis.If these forecasts are met, the sixth consecutive year of growth in investment in MC will be completed, but advertising will lose weight in the Spanish economy by growing less than GDP.The only MCs that grow above the market average are digital ones.The highest growth rates are expected for investment directed at Mobile devices and the Internet, especially that which uses the Video on Line format.Radio, Outdoor Advertising and cinema are expected to grow, but below the market average.A drop is expected in investment that is directed to Conventional Television (which will continue to be the leading medium) and another, more important, in which corresponds to Print Media.

The largest investment in MNC Bangladesh Whatsapp Mobile Number List will continue to be concentrated in three options: Personalized Mailing (26%); POS, Merchandising, Signage and Signs (24%) and Telephone Marketing (21%).But the highest relative growths, in MNC, will correspond to investment in Mobile Marketing (Messaging, advergaming, apps and others), which could grow by 7.6%; “Branded Content” (+ 6.4%) and “Influencers” (+ 5.9%).In the opinion of the Zenthinela panelists, almost 10% of the investment, 9.7%, is directed to advertising modalities that escape the measurement of the advertising market data sources (Infoadex, Arce Media ,?).The increase in the audience of OTTs (such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon TV), some of them without advertising, could mean a 2% decrease in advertising investment in Television.

Perception rates are still negative, even falling.The IPSE (Index of Perception of the Economic Situation) falls more than 23 points and stands at -36.1%.The IPMP (Advertising Market Perception Index) also falls, in this case 10 points and remains at -16.The fact that IPMP is now better than IPSE could be a good sign. On previous occasions when the perception of advertising exceeds that of the economy, there is usually a better trend.Audio on Line represents 4.5% of total online investment and could grow this year somewhat less than the rest of the online options, so it would lose a tenth of its share.54% of the investment in Online Video corresponds to the In stream mode (54%).

The rest is distributed between the Video in banner (27%) and the Video outstream (in Text, in Image, in Read, etc?) That reaches 19%.Fraud in online advertising is of increasing concern, especially that coming from bots and click farms, which artificially increase traffic data.But fraud can be fought if the right tools are used (those of the adservers themselves, those of ComScore, or Moat and others). In the opinion of the panelists, with proper use of these tools, investment in digital advertising could be improved by up to 16.8%. Associations like are fighting to combat fraud.The investment destined to communicate through “influencers” represents 8% of the investment in digital advertising, in the opinion of the panelists.

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