In recent times, the online advertising industry is closely following what happens in relation to a player. Amazon, the queen of e-commerce, is positioning itself more and more firmly in the advertising market and has become the player analysts believe best placed to face the Google-Facebook duopoly. Its latest financial results confirm that Amazon is already strong in the ad market.Amazon managed to close the quarter with results that exceed what it usually achieves. The company posted a quarterly profit of $ 2.5 billion. And advertising has had a lot to do with those benefits.As noted in MarketWatch , when analysts asked the company’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, for these numbers during the conference call that followed the presentation of results, he summarized the reasons for the good data in two points. For one thing, they were spending less money, especially on hiring. On the other hand, they were recording more ad sales.

How much money Amazon already makes from ads Ads have become a field for Amazon Spain WhatsApp Number List that has a wide profit margin. The key is in how marketers want to reach more and more consumers of the e-commerce platform, for which they are putting more and more money in positioning their products and their brands with ads.It is not known exactly how much money Amazon makes from the ads, because the data appears in a larger container. The ‘Others’ business, where these revenues are recorded, closed with $ 2.19 billion in revenue. This implies a growth of 126% year-on-year.Although Amazon has not given exact numerical data on the subject, its chief financial officer has given some approximations. “Now it is a multi billion dollar business for us,” he noted. According to his statements, Amazon already has hundreds of thousands of advertisers.”We are seeing strong adoption on a number of different fronts,” he noted.

“Sellers on Amazon, authors and also third-party advertisers who want to reach Amazon consumers,” he explained.The future of ads and Amazon And analysts believe these numbers will be a kind of first step to something bigger. An estimate by marketer pointed out that Amazon was going to close 2018 with revenues of 3.37 billion dollars in the advertising market, a rise of 58%. Data makes things even better. These latest numbers could imply that 2018 was going to close with between 4 and 5 billion dollars in revenue related to advertising.Amazon already has plans to improve its position in the advertising market and thereby try to position itself even better to get more out of the niche. The company wants to improve its measurement systems, to provide more efficient data on the results of the ads, and also offer better tools when it comes to buying ads.

The company wants to position itself as a tool to increase the visibility of products and brands and wants to use the potential in what product searches it touches.The company is also courting different players in the industry. It has just launched a program with selected agencies and brands to test an advertising format that will come out of Amazon: the ads will appear in the media that participate in an Amazon program and will thus reach beyond the pages of the online store. .And while its ad revenue data is still light years ahead of giants like Google and Facebook, Amazon is growing big and fast, as well as promising advertisers that they are in a prominent position to help them with their goals.

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