One of the big winners of the advertising market and its changes in recent years has been Amazon. The ecommerce giant has been gradually gaining positions in the advertising market, positioning itself as an increasingly strong player. The fact that consumers are increasingly starting their shopping searches on Amazon, whether or not they will buy later on the platform, has a knock-on effect on advertisers, who want to be the first to appear in search results on the website. Online store.Therefore, advertising is increasingly important in the revenue data of the online store. The coronavirus crisis has hit the advertising market across the board, causing ad spend to drop and advertisers becoming more cautious with their spending figures.

But, although investment has Suriname Email List generally fallen in the advertising market, it has not done so in the one destined for Amazon.The latest financial data from the ecommerce giant make it clear. In the latest quarter for which financial data is available (the third of its fiscal year), Amazon’s advertising-related revenue grew 51% compared to the previous year.That division of the giant has thus closed with revenues of 5.400 million dollars in the quarter. It is not as high a figure as Google’s, true, but it already exceeds other players in the online advertising industry in general.The growth is also higher than what Amazon recorded in the previous quarter. In the second quarter of the year, its advertising revenue was up 41% year-on-year.

As pointed out in MarketingDive , this shows that marketers are starting to invest more in digital advertising by recovering campaigns that they had previously paused or canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Things have not returned to normal, true, but advertisers need to reach consumers. And if they need to get their messages across, they need the ads again.Your sales soarIn general, and despite everything that is happening this year, the third quarter has been a good time for Amazon. The company closed the period with revenue growth of 37% year-on-year, with $ 96.2 billion. Despite the coronavirus, the Christmas campaign, which Amazon counts in its fourth-quarter results, is expected to be the one that generates the most revenue in the company’s history.

“We are seeing more consumers than ever before buying their Christmas gifts”, explains Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the giant, according to the data, “which is one of the signs that this is going to be a Christmas campaign without precedents “.Amazon expects its overall revenue to grow 28-38% in the fourth quarter. It is to be expected that this growth will also increase the income related to advertising.Given that many consumers will end up buying online during these weeks, reducing exits and exposure in stores (and directly locked in their homes by legal mandate in not a few countries), ecommerce will have a higher weight in buying patterns. If consumers buy more online, brands will want to rank much better on Amazon.

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