The big news in terms of legislation and advertising in Spain of a 2020 full of news has been the law that will regulate advertising for betting and online gambling. The draft regulation was one of the big advertising headlines that started the year, before the coronavirus invaded the news agenda and displaced everything else. However, the regulations went ahead and did so by being tougher than expected .In the end, the Royal Decree has limited the broadcast of gambling and betting house advertising on television and radio to early morning hours, eliminated the claim of the famous person or the use of certain messages and reduced the margin of maneuver of online advertising in these areas. The sports sponsorships of these companies have also been eliminated. The law will penalize with fines and closures to those who violate it.

Although the football teams Qatar Email List asked for an extension to adapt to the new regulatory framework, they will not finally have that extra margin .But, although it was obscured by the focus of attention that the bookmakers and online gambling aroused, this is not the only element that we want to regulate in advertising. As El Confidencial has just revealed , a draft law prepared by the Ministry of Economic Affairs also regulates and limits the advertising of alcoholic beverages. The draft is currently in the public consultation phase.If the rule goes ahead, it will clearly limit the movements of companies in the alcohol industry. High-alcohol drinks – which can no longer be advertised on television – will also not be able to do so on the radio and on the internet.

The regulations prohibit the advertising of all those drinks of more than 20 degrees of graduation, which means the end of the advertisements, as estimated by the online medium, of the brands of rum, vodka, bourbon, tequila or whiskey.Ban on ads for unhealthy productsWhy is this happening and how does it fit into the law? The key is that the regulation seeks to avoid “commercial communications that promote behaviors harmful to health.” That is, you want to limit the ads of those products that impact people’s health.It is in this case that the advertising of tobacco and betting houses enter, but also these alcoholic beverages and (it also appears in the list that El Confidencial has created ) esotericism.

How things change for the beer adNot all alcoholic beverages fall into this level of limitations. All those with a graduation below 20 degrees may continue to advertise. That is the graduation of vermouth, wine or beer.Even so, these drinks will also have to follow new advertising guidelines. Although their alcoholic strength is lower, they will not be able to enter the daytime advertising. Drinks below 20 degrees can only be advertised on television, internet and radio between 8.30 pm and 6 am. In practice, this means that, for example, you won’t be able to see beer ads in the middle of the afternoon.They also may not be advertised aimed at a young audience or creating the impression that alcohol consumption affects “social or sexual success.” You have to wonder, therefore, what will happen to the classic summer beer ad.

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