The size of the audience on Instagram grew 10.3% for the top 50 of the brands in that social network. Today their audiences on Instagram are 40% larger than on FacebookSocialbakers, published the report “State of Social Networks and CX Q1 2021” , which offers a broad vision of the trends that had the greatest impact on customer experience (CX) during the first quarter of 2021.The analyzed data showed that ad spend on Facebook and Instagram increased 60% YoY, an impressive growth rate after a record year for ad spend on social media. Facebook’s advertising reach grew worldwide: 8% globally and 23% in North America. Advertising costs on social platforms also increased more than 30% as ad space became more competitive.

“We anticipate 2021 to be China Email Lists another great year for social media marketing teams, as social commerce and in-app shopping tools have grown in importance as brands look for new ways to optimize their journey. consumer, “said Socialbakers President Yuval Ben-Itzhak. “Advertisers doubled their ad spend on social media during the first quarter of this year, following the same pattern we observed throughout the second half of 2020.”In some specific sectors, ad spend on social media skyrocketed. The Automotive sector increased its spending 102% YoY, the Alcohol industry 81% and Ecommerce 66%.The size of the audience on Instagram also grew significantly, with 10.3% more followers for the brands in the top 50 of the platform.

Today, those brands’ audience on Instagram is 40% larger than their audience on Facebook.”The growth we are seeing on Facebook and Instagram is a clear indicator that brands are making huge profits when they rely on social media to help close the customer experience gap, which was widened by the disruptions of 2020,” Ben-Itzhak said.The report addresses global trends in social media – organic and paid – which represent the most important touch points of the customer journey. It also breaks down ad spend by industry, ad reach by region, and CTR growth.

It also delves into key influencer marketing statistics, revealing a 15% YoY decline in influencer endorsements, and provides a barometer on the social issues that took priority on the Facebook platform during Q1, with an increase of 141. % in number of Facebook pages that mention Black History Month.Key Findings from Report: Rising cost of ads signals a more competitive environment for brands in the coming months, with social media becoming a crucial part of the consumer journey, before and after the purchase. Analyzed data from the first quarter underscores the need for brands to maintain CX strategies across all social channels in order to meet consumer expectations and close the CX gap.

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