The study reveals how automated investment models (which includes programmatic, social networks and search) continue to grow and increase their weight in relation to traditional hiring (64.4% in 2019 vs 70.3% in 2020).IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, has presented the data from Italy Email List the 2020 Digital Media Advertising Investment Study , prepared in collaboration with PwC. The study, carried out annually by IAB Spain since 2002, has the main objective of providing the digital advertising industry with a trend report and giving an investment figure.In 2020, investment in advertising in digital media in Spain continues to remain above 3,000 million euros (3,029.5 MEUR) although it fell by -3.8% compared to 2019.Despite the particularity of the 2020 context, caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, the digital advertising sector continues to enjoy good health, experiencing smaller decreases than traditional non-digital advertising formats. Despite the contraction experienced by the pandemic, in the medium term, Advertising Investment in Digital Media will return to its expected growth trend according to its mature market situation , and it is unlikely to see double-digit growth as observed in previous years.

The study reveals how automated investment models (which include programmatic buying, social  networks and search) continue to grow and increase their weight Italy Email List in relation to traditional hiring (64.4% in 2019 vs 70.3% in 2020) . In addition, it estimates that once the crisis caused by Covid-19 is over, the state of digitization will be higher than previously planned for that time, which will favor digital advertising investment. In this context of accelerated digitization, there has been a notable growth in e-commerce , thus opening a new source of digital advertising demand that will continue to gain weight over the years.The most active sectors in 2020 in terms of digital investment have been: Automotive (15.3%), Distribution (13.6%), Leisure and entertainment (7.9%) Portals (7.7%) and Telecommunications (7 ,3%). For their part, the top 5 advertisers in order of investment in 2020 were Grupo PSA, Amazon, France Telecom, Volkswagen Audi Spain and Procter & Gamble Spain.The distribution of the 3,029.5 MEUR of investment in Digital Advertising by disciplines is as follows:

Display without RRSS (889.9 MEUR), RRSS (835.1 MEUR), Search (977.3 MEUR), Classifieds (233.8 MEUR) ), Digital OOH (49.3 MEUR), Digital Audio (38 MEUR) and Connected TV (6.1 MEUR).In this context, IAB Spain establishes the following conclusions:D ISPLAY & NON-VIDEO DISPLAYThe Display shows a clear trend towards programmatic selling, the Display being the discipline more prepared for this type of sale due to the standardization of formats and metrics / KPIs. On the other hand, Non-video Display is the second subcategory that has suffered a greater decrease within Display (-9%), being severely hit in H1 by the pandemic (-30% vs. H1 2019) and recovering in H2 ( + 11% vs H2 2019).V ideoVideo was a discipline that had been gaining importance in recent years and despite the fact that in the 2020 has suffered a drop of -4.5% compared to the 2019 figure, it is expected to continue growing the next few years, earning investment and increasing your inventory demand.RRSSSocial Networks are the third discipline by level of investment with 835 MEUR in 2020 with a growth of 2% despite the context of this year, demonstrating its resilience, competitive strength and interest for advertisers.S EARCHThe Search maintains one more year the leadership in investment with 32.3% of the total weight of the market, favored by the fall of other markets oriented to branding and its intrinsic value for obtaining leads and results.NATIVE ADVERTISINGNative Advertising grows at double digits (14%), while Branded Content is the area most affected in 2020, with -19% vs 2019, which highlights the importance given in 2020 to obtaining short-term results term.

CLASSIFIEDThe Classifieds represent 7.7% of the total advertising investment with 233.8 MEUR in 2020 and a -10% decrease compared to the previous year.D IGITAL OOHInvestment in Digital Out Of Home stands at 49.3 MEUR in 2020, being the worst hit by the pandemic due to home confinement and movement restrictions, thus causing a -40% drop compared to the figure registered in 2019.A UD I O & TV ONLINE Connected Both Digital Audio and Connected TV have growth rates in 2020 despite the health crisis, with 7.6% and 35.3% respectively. The investment mass continues to be limited, but a positive evolution is expected in the coming years.AFFILIATION MARKETINGAffiliate Marketing proves to be a very resilient discipline, experiencing double-digit growth rates (20% in 2020 vs. 2019) despite the context of this year.The study incorporates as an annex for the second year the estimate of the value of the Influencers a

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