Digital advertising cuts the gap with the television medium and falls within 3 percentage points of reaching itIAB Spain , the Association for advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, presents the data from the Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media 2018, prepared in collaboration with PwC. The total investment data in digital advertising in 2018 was 1,972 million euros, a figure that includes investment in Desktop and Mobile (1,858 M €), DOOH (60.9 M €), Native and Branded Content (43.1 € M), Online Audio (€ 6.5 M) and Connected Television (€ 2.8 M). The total data on investment in digital advertising has grown by 13.5% compared to 2017.

It stands out that digital Belgium WhatsApp Number List advertising represents a penetration of 34.3% with respect to the total advertising investment, which translates into an increase of more than three percentage points compared to 2017 (31%), thus consolidating its position in the media ranking and cutting more distance to television, which remains at 37.1%.The most active sectors in 2018 were Automotive (23.7%), Large Distribution (10.9%), Beauty, Hygiene and Cosmetics (9.2%), Food and Beverages (8.4%) and Banking (7 , 6%). While the three advertisers in order of investment have been Grupo Vaesa, El Corte Inglés / Hipercor, Grupo Renault / Dacia, Movistar / Telefónica and Procter & Gamble.

Investment in Desktop and MobileAdvertising investment in Desktop and Mobile has reached € 1,858.6 M distributed in € 695.9 M in Display (35.3%), € 951.7 M in Search (48.3%) and € 211 M in Video (10.7%).Regarding multi-device campaigns, Desktop exclusive and Mobile exclusive, the study indicates that:Around 80% of the campaigns are planned on Desktop and Mobile together, specifically, Display (86.45%), Video (79.14%) and Search (86.99%).’Only Desktop’, Video is the one with the highest investment percentage with a share of 11.21%, followed by Display (5.68%) and Search (2.85)%.Regarding ‘only Mobile’, the search campaigns (10.16%) stand out, followed by Video (9.65%) and Display (7.87%).When analyzing Desktop & Mobile, the study details that Display accounts for € 695.9 M (35.3%), representing 94.3% of the total investment in digital advertising.

Likewise, the pricing models have been able to remain stable since 2014, standing at values ​​of 75% in branding compared to 25% in performance.On the other hand, the advertising investment in Video represents 10.7% of the total investment with € 211 million. By formats, In Streams (preroll, postroll, and overlays) reach 62.7% vs OutStream formats (inbanner, in-read, in-test, video skin, video take over?), Which account for 29.2% % and InStream (overlays) that remain at 8.1% of the investment. Regarding the pricing models, the CPM and CPV grew three and five percentage points respectively (registering 48.7% and 36%), while others such as the CP or fixed time fell from 22.9% to the 15.3%.Finally, investment in Search has reached € 951.7 M, representing 48.3% of investment in digital media.

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