IAB Spain , the Association for advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, today presents the data from the Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media (total 2017), prepared in collaboration with PwC. The total investment in digital advertising in 2017 was 1,708 million euros, a figure that includes investment in Desktop and Mobile (€ 1,656.6 M), Digital Signage (€ 45.7 M) and Audio Online (5, € 8 M), which means a growth of 9.1% compared to 2016. (In this year’s edition, the connected TV data has been disregarded due to its low representation in the sample).

It should be noted that digital advertising represents a penetration of 31% with respect to the total advertising investment, a rise of 2pp compared to the previous year, consolidating its second position in the media ranking and closing the gap with respect to 38.9% of the TV.The most active sectors in 2017 were Automotive (25.3%), Retail (10.5%) and Food and Beverages (9.8%). And the three advertisers in order of investment were El Corte Inglés / Hipercor, Grupo Vaesa and Renault / Dacia.Investment in Desktop and MobileAdvertising investment in Desktop and Mobile has reached € 1,656.6 M distributed in € 608.2 M in Display (97%), € 871.6 M in Search (51%) and € 176.8 M in Video (10 ,3%).

Increase the investment of the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List multi-device campaigns and decrease the exclusive Desktop and exclusive Mobile campaigns: Around 90% of the campaigns are planned on Desktop and Mobile together, specifically, Display (88.3%), Video (88.7%) and Search (91.2%).Only in Desktop, Video is the one with the highest investment percentage with a share of 8.2%, followed by Display (7.07%) and Search with 4.30%.Regarding only Mobile, Display campaigns account for 4.63%, Search (4.53%) and Video (3.07%).Display accounts for € 608.2 M (35.5%), with conventional format advertising representing 80% of total investment, compared to 20% for Premium formats and has remained stable at these values ​​since 2014. In terms of programmatic buying, In Desktop and Mobile, programmatic purchase represents 21.2% while negotiated 78.8%.

Regarding the advertising investment in Video, it represents 10.3% of the total investment with € 176.8 M. The In Stream formats (preroll, postroll, and overlays) reach 73.6% compared to the Out Stream format (inbanner, in-read, in-test, video skin, video take over …), which is 26, 3% of the investment.Regarding Search, it reached € 871.6 M, representing 51% of the investment in digital media.Investment in Digital SignageThis is the fifth year that this study has provided Digital Signage investment data. This figure reaches € 45,697 million and a market share with respect to total investment of 2.7%, considering a growth with respect to 2016 of almost 60%, a very significant figure.

Investment in Online AudioFor the third time, data on advertising investment in Audio Online is shown, reaching € 5.8 million, which represents a 0.3% market share.For Belén Acebes, Director of Marketing and Research at IAB Spain, “The complex ecosystem of digital advertising makes it increasingly difficult to have a controlled data on digital advertising investment. But I think the effort is worth it and continue with the Using the methodology based on the sample of digital agencies and complementing with the media data with the Market Monitoring agreement, it leads us to give a consolidated data on digital investment. And this data denotes that digital advertising is in good health “.

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