The coronavirus has made brands have to stop or cancel advertising campaigns that they had underway or that were imminent. During the crisis generated by the covid-19 pandemic, brands and companies must be very careful with the type of messages they launch and with how they connect with the population, since they must avoid any type of message that may lead to think that be trying to cash in on the pandemic or make them seem insensitive to the situation (which leads to question whether the advertising campaigns they were running until now may or may not continue).

Some companies and Canada Phone Number List Database organizations have launched specific advertising actions for these days. The first – and the most expected – was the institutional publicity campaign of the Ministry of Health on the virus.The campaign was launched on March 15th, premiered in the written press and with the slogan “We stop this virus together.” As defined by the ministry, it was “a campaign of dissemination and information to citizens against the coronavirus.” Basically, it is an information campaign, which disseminates data about the coronavirus and insists on the importance of following the rules imposed during the state of alarm.

The campaign adopts the tone expected from institutional advertising and much more in this situation, being eminently informative.Guerrilla actions and social media marketingBut brands and companies have also joined the awareness-raising actions. They have done it all over the world, where they have even used guerrilla marketing to position messages that remind citizens of the importance of following sanitary recommendations.One of the elements with which they have played the most has been with their logos. Miss Chiquita, the banana company, has removed its mascot from the logo to comply with sanitary regulations, but similar actions have also been taken by Coca-Cola (which has placed an advertisement in the iconic Times Square in which its letters followed social distance recommended) or McDonalds.

In Spain, there have been many companies that have also carried out similar actions or that are using their profiles and their social media marketing strategy to transmit these types of messages. From remembering how to clean your mobile, as Vodafone has done, to sharing health messages, as many brands have done, corporate social networks have entered the conversation about the coronavirus and the fight against the disease.Some have gone further and launched special and specific advertising campaigns, focused on covid-19 and the pandemic. The companies that have done it have been very fast, positioning themselves with messages in record time.

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