ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. The president of the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA), Patricia Abril, today asked the Government to help the advertising sector and complained that some initiatives of the Executive – such as the withdrawal of advertising from TVE or the bill Audiovisual – can kill “the goose that lays the golden eggs. We must begin to take seriously this goose that lays the golden eggs that feeds us all,” the president of AEA said during her participation in the New Communication Forum, who stressed that advertising does not only mean “an economic return.” for companies but also contributes to the “survival” of advertising agencies, media agency and “even the media themselves.

In this Australian Email Lists reproached the Government for having “approved urgently and without debate” the new TVE financing law, which implies that the public channel will stop broadcasting advertisements as of January 1, 2010, and allow in the bill Audiovisual that goes from 17 minutes of advertising for each hour of broadcast to 29 minutes per hour. “We need a government that when it makes a decision analyzes all the implications and that is not being done,” he said.Regarding the Audiovisual Law project, Abril pointed out that “it will harm everyone”: advertisers because consumers will be “saturated” with so many minutes of advertising and the message will “lose effectiveness” and the chains since, in his opinion, the measure “will accelerate the weight loss of television in advertising space.” “The fact of giving more space – to advertising – is not going to solve anything,” he insisted. Advertisers, grouped together with consumer associations, media agencies on the platform ’12 minutes communicate, 29 harm ‘are interviewing parliamentary groups to convince them to change the text of the project during its parliamentary process and limit the maximum time to 12 minutes advertising per hour.

In fact, Abril assured that the demands of the sector have received “quite a good response from all political groups except the PSOE and CiU, and she was hopeful that the bill will be modified in the Congress of Deputies. Finally, the president of AEA pointed out that the relationship between advertisers and chains is “a strange thing”, because, despite the fact that the former are customers of the latter, sometimes the chains “attack” the advertisers. “We have not felt too much listened to,” said Abril, who assured that “the possibility of” a day without advertisements “is on the table as a protest.

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