Are you looking for a marketing automation solution but you don’t know where to turn given the plethora of offers available on the market? In order to guide you towards the best choice, Web Conversion has produced a comparison of two tools for you: Active Campaign and Plezi. Active Campaign, a Chicago-based company, combines marketing automation and CRM functionalities and is aimed at VSEs and SMEs. For its part, Plezi is a 100% made in France tool intended for start-ups and SMEs who wish to easily and quickly administer their content and take their first steps in lead nurturing. This comparison of these two marketing automation software is based on 4 main criteria: user experience, functionalities, integration of external tools and prices. Let’s go! Interface optimization for UX The UX aspect is more than ever a determining criterion for the users of a marketing automation tool : ergonomics, handling, design.

The software offered by Active Campaign does not require purely technical knowledge to Armenia Phone Number List used . Your teams will have no difficulty in getting to grips with it and will appreciate its extensive library which includes hundreds of predefined models. The only downside that could slow down non-English speakers: it is only available in English. As for Plezi, the tool offers regular updates that improve the functionality and speed of the tool. The French software offers a clear and intuitive interface with a clean design matched with modern colors for a pleasant user experience. Plezi provides many templates , whether for creating an email or creating a landing page. Plezi stands out for its ergonomics which makes everyday use easy and accessible to everyone.The functionalities of marketing automation software In order to find the tool that best suits your needs, Web Conversion lists the different features of Active Campaign and Plezi for you.

Active Campaign, the American-style CRM On the Active Campaign side, there are many features such as: the design of e-mails ultra facilitated by the action of drag and drop, site tracking information, the tracking of contacts and their different actions , the possibility of scoring and tags by contact ,several workflows dedicated to automation, A / B testing to find out which is the most efficient solution, a help center to consult in the event of a problem, several comprehensive reports and analyzes to assess the results of your campaigns, a powerful integrated CRM tool, responsive design for a pleasant use of the tool on all devices, sending marketing SMS, personalization of audiences for better targeting.

In short, ActiveCampaign stands out with its two-in-one solution that offers both CRM and marketing automation functionality. Its development based on machine learning makes it a cutting-edge tool, in particular thanks to its messaging and chatbot. On the price side, this solution is available at an attractive price if you have few contacts to manage. Otherwise, the budget can quickly skyrocket.Plezi: a powerful and comprehensive French toolIn terms of functionality, Plezi has nothing to envy its American competitor.  be available soon!

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