Maria Jose Sanchez Valenzuela Degree in Journalism (UCM) and studying a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Press Writer ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company The director of the Mind Your Social Media and Mind Your Reputation consultancies this week gave an interview to the Webpositer Agency where he reaffirmed the value of web metrics when setting trends in an online business. The expert in SMO and web metrics, Javier Godoy affirms that analytics is the «framework or framework of thought that helps us focus how we work in e-commerce or in any other (digital) framework».

In fact, its metrics help us, Godoy indicates, to generate Uruguay Email List options for the company or brand and to contrast “if the selected options have given the expected result.” The online channel can be approached from various indicators but basing the decisions that will affect the company on objective data would be, for the director and co-founder of Mind Your Social Media, the one that would offer the best results. On the contrary, Godoy has rejected that the tools themselves are the key to web analytics. “People focus too much on tools when, in reality, the best tool is the analyst with his knowledge of the business, the environment and his sensitivity to provide recommendations.” It is precisely at this point where the creativity of the company would come into play, which would be favored by the analyst’s interpretations. The former director of Online Marketing at the publishing house Conde Net, to which magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Glamor, Vanity Fair or CN Traveler belong, defines web analytics as “an attitude”, where there are no absolute solutions since “everything is a learning process”. This process involves developing strategies and then analyzing their impact through metrics, or using metric indicators as guidance to promote new strategies and business opportunities.

In this sense, Javier Godoy argues that “if when measuring we verify that we have not had the expected success, we will be closer to finding what works, because now we know what does not work.” The head of Mind Your Reputation has highlighted that this university of tools allows any company to measure the effect of its campaigns and, thanks to this, achieve success in its niche. Godoy has also stressed that “an adequate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions”, for which he recommends companies and brands to “focus” on strengthening and professionalizing this area given its crucial role. The step from data to trend and future predictions The true value of measurements is extrapolating the data from the metrics to interpret trends and take advantage of them. Asked by the Webpositer agency about when a data sets a trend, Javier Godoy has stated that it can be considered as such when “the data does not vary for say 3 or 6 months” without modifying the contextual circumstances. Godoy has supported his affirmation in a practical example: “if our contents obtain a certain level of engagement, and it is repeated for months, if we want to improve that level, we will have to change the contents or, if not, we will continue at the same level.” Regarding the evolution that web analytics will undergo in the coming years, the expert has predicted that its relevance will increase due to the multiplicity of the channels of interaction with the user. “Little by little the media will become more digital, and the difference between online / offline will lose all meaning. Television will become interactive, information is abandoning paper … All this requires measurement and represents both an opportunity and a challenge, since these new environments require new ways of measuring and the analyst to provide other types of recommendations » , has asserted.

Consequently, Godoy estimates that the distinction between online measurement and other forms of company measurement will lose meaning, since “it is moving towards a union of business intelligence with digital analytics.” The company in Social Media Likewise, Javier Godoy, who promoted digital companies for BMW, L’Oreal, Heineken, PlayStation, Vodafone or the Real Madrid Football Club, has highlighted the positive role that employees of companies and brands can assume to extol your presence in Social Media. The director of Mind Your Social Media considers that it is better to have “active employees” at the service of the company in social media than to limit itself to an official profile exclusively, although he also added that what really benefits the brand is that they are their own clients who introduce it on social media. In this context, it will be consumer analytics, “understanding who they are, what they want and how they interact”, which will be developed the most in the coming years, Godoy concludes.

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