Traditional television is in crisis. It is one of those statements that have become a recurring element in recent years in analyzes of the media and the advertising market and has done so because it is supported by data.The pull of the internet and social changes and consumer habits have impacted on how content is being consumed and therefore have pushed television into a crisis. Traditional televisions are losing audiences, times of content consumption and also an impact on popular culture. The great hits that have marked what is talked about have been coming especially from VoD systems, something that has been growing progressively in recent years. The fashion series is no longer on linear television.This has impacted the appeal of television and how it has been perceived by advertisers. These are migrating their advertising budgets to the network, which has been growing as the fashion medium and has been advancing positions. If a few years ago television dominated the advertising market and represented the highest percentage of brand spending, now it is giving way to the network in those positions.The tests on the crisis of traditional television follow one another, as well as its effects.

The market has changed and its players are beginning to do so.The latest data that shows that Morocco Phone Number List television is in crisis comes from the United States, the market that is setting the pace of change and that works as a sort of Cassandra for television markets in other countries. In the US, televisions are already seeing certain professional profiles disappear. In recent years, many television account executives have been laid off.For these senior television ad executives, the perfect storm has unfortunately been created for them. As explained in B + C , a specialized medium in the sector, these executives are losing their jobs due to a mix of cost cuts, the impact of technology, changes in content consumption habits and industry consolidation.

The agreements and mergers of audiovisual giants have not helped them.In the past year alone, hundreds of television advertising executives in the US have lost their jobs. And not only that: the outlet also notes that television advertising executives who are still active have begun to fear. They fear that their jobs (well paid and, according to B + C, comfortable) are destined to disappear due to the impact of the changes.In the industry they are clear that the changes will continue. As a source from that industry explains to the media, it does not seem that the changes are going to end soon. An executive pointed out, for example, that his company used to receive about 10 CVs a week from professionals looking for a new job.

Now that figure is the daily average.Hard to match where they come fromFor laid-off executives, the situation is complicated. Recycling within the television industry seems complicated, because the television market is shrinking (which means that it needs fewer staff).In addition, it is also difficult for them to find another job with the salaries and benefits they had in the television advertising industry. According to B + C data, a senior television advertising executive had very high salaries and top-notch benefits, such as SuperBowl tickets or trips to Cannes. Salaries for the best-positioned executives in positions of power could reach $ 750,000, just over 670,000 euros.

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