Beatriz Hernandez Content & Influencers Manager at Agencia Raw Marketing Online IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing. We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences More than a month has passed since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared. Although we are able to control the effects of this disease in the short or medium term, its influence will persist in our society, marking a before and after in our way of relating both socially and economically. This is not the first time that most businesses have faced drastic change. Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid growth of Internet use, many companies have already been forced to transform their businesses, orienting themselves to a more digital environment.

These changes have been observed in detail, for example, in the information and communication technology USA Phone Number List sector. A sector where the demand for programming services, advertising, communication, etc. has had exponential growth. However, the penetration of digitization in the different economic sectors has not had the same rate. A clear example is the presence of electronic commerce in Spain. According to data from ONTSI, in 2018 the value of e-commerce sales of Spanish companies accounted for 17% of their total turnover. And of all Spanish companies, only 19% received online orders. To this must be added that the best-selling products on the Internet are still those related to travel, accommodation, transport, clothing and footwear, tickets for shows, among others. In contrast, in other sectors such as food and beverages, the Internet was a complementary channel for their sales.

According to a report by Agencia RAW in 2019 on the digital behavior of wineries in Spain, 56% of the wineries studied developed an online store available to their end consumers. However, most of them do not have an exclusive strategy to promote the online sale of their wines . In many cases, the orders depend only on the users most loyal to the brand. If we focus on the financial sector, according to another study by the same agency, only 42% of the consumer banks analyzed have both online banking services and online contracting services. In short, there is still a long way to go for the digital adaptation of Spanish companies, which now more than ever should be launched as soon as possible.

Returning to the present day, confinement and social distancing has caused e-commerce to explode like never before. In these circumstances, our habits have focused more on making all kinds of online purchases. And we even buy toilet paper online. In fact, for many Spaniards, the confinement has served them to debut in the practice of digital purchases through online orders in supermarkets. The Covid-19 crisis has served so that many companies have realized how little their businesses are digitized .In this sense, many products that we could acquire or consume in a physical establishment are not yet available on the Internet, are there companies that do not have a presence in social networks, some web pages suffer drops because they cannot bear so much traffic load?

From this data it is clear that many businesses need to complement their commercial strategy with digital marketing actions, to ensure the survival of their company. This health crisis should serve as a reflection for companies in all sectors. In the face of any change, only those businesses that are capable of adapting to this new environment in time will be able to survive. And there is no doubt that our lives are increasingly oriented towards a digital world. However, it should be noted that the transformation of a business does not happen overnight, but is a process that requires preparation and work at many levels.

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