Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Retail in Spain is optimistic about the upcoming Christmas season, according to the results of an online survey carried out by Packlink. This is a report prepared from the opinions of almost 300 managers of Spanish online stores, who have contributed their point of view on various aspects that mark the evolution of electronic commerce in our country in this year of pandemic. Although when asked directly if they think this season will be better than 2019 , retailers are completely divided: 49% believe yes and 50% believe no. However, everyone expects their billing to increase compared to the previous year.

Among those who are more pessimistic, the main reason that leads them to be so is economic instability (47%) , well above the possibility that, during Black Friday, more aggressive offers are carried out. Those, on the contrary Suriname Email List, who see this Christmas campaign with good omens consider that the compelling reasons are the fact that online shopping has increased this year (35%) and that, in addition, new profiles of user who, until the emergence of Covid-19, perhaps had not dared to purchase products online.” The Christmas season is one of the main sales moments in our country. Retailers are cautiously optimistic about this upcoming campaign,” explains Noelia Lázaro,  Packlink’s Marketing Director. “On the one hand, the uncertainty of the economic situation leads them to think that it may not be better than last year’s campaign, but the fact that e-commerce has grown so much as a result of the lockdown and that there are new user profiles that have become accustomed to buying online invite us to think that, deep down, the turnover of their companies will improve, even slightly “.

Between 10 and 40% increase99% of those surveyed are, of course, confident that their turnover will grow compared to last year. The majority (46%) expect to see their results improve by 10%, while 37% expect growth to range between 20 and 40%.To these should be added almost 1 in 10 retailers (9%) expect this Christmas campaign to increase their turnover by 50% and 5% of those surveyed expect to exceed even that 50%.Regarding the spending that, on average, each person will allocate to Christmas gifts in their business, the most voted answer (44%) was 50 euros . 22% of those surveyed reduce the amount to 20 euros and 15% increase it to 75 euros. What will people spend this budget on? Almost half of the retailers (46% bet on technology as the flagship product that will be bought online during this Christmas season. 32% bet on fashion and accessories and 11% do so on perfumery and fashion products. beauty.

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